Brandon Jones making his move

The 102-degree weather at Rutgers training camp was not enough to slow down sophomore cornerback Brandon Jones who played in the nickel spot in today's practice. Jones, a redshirt freshman, experimented at both defensive back and wide receiver and seems poised to be making a move up the depth chart.

"Injuries forced some of that. David Rowe had to have something done to his thumb and [Brandon Jones] moved up to the nickel spot," Schiano said. "Bing is competing. We thought he and Billy [Anderson] and Brandon [Jones] would all compete and whatever the freshmen do. It's kind of good to see these guys competing."

Schiano said that Rowe, a sophomore who recently moved to safety after making 13 tackles as a nickel back last season, will be back in four or five days after "getting something fixed really quickly."

Junior left tackle Anthony Davis continues to get closer to regaining his spot with the first team offense on his quest to reach his target weight.

"He's going in the right direction," Schiano said. "I'm not going to mess around unless he's in striking distance. If he's in striking distance, I know he'll make it. He's made it before. He's been at his ideal weight before, but until he gets into striking distance, we're not going to get him first team reps. Obviously Anthony's a tremendous talent, but he needs to be with the first team if he's going to play with the first team. We just don't want to waste reps if he's not."

The Scarlet Knights added third down and two minute drills to practice today as they continue to search for Mike Teel's replacement at quarterback.

"It was our first day with those situations," said senior quarterback Domenic Natale. "I think the young guys did a good job with it. We have some wrinkles to work out obviously, but overall everybody did a good job staying composed and working at it."

Adding these drills to training camp marks the Knights' first time in third down and two minute situations since working with them during spring practice.

"Today we put third down and two minute in so I think today was the tipping point," Schiano said. "We made some silly throws, what I call impulse throws that we haven't made so far in camp."

Tomorrow's practice is the first day of full pads and full contact for the Scarlet Knights.

"It doesn't change much," Natale said. "When you get some live contact out there, you get to see some of the younger guys in live situations … it's their first full padded college practice. For me personally, it's not really going to change much. I'm excited to see those guys bang out there and see the linemen finally get to use some force against the linebackers and stuff like that."

With the increased heat and sunshine at training camp, Schiano got a better look at the conditioning of the freshman class.

"They only get a month with us," he said. "As much as they think they're training at home if they are, it's a whole different animal. It's a great learning experience … they'll get it. That's why they're freshmen."

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