Rutgers in the Lead

Mustafa Greene of Irmo HS (SC) is considered by many to be the #2 RB from the state of South Carolina behind the #2 player in the entire country, Marcus Lattimore. Standing 6'1 205 lbs, Greene has a similar skill-set and the ability to be an all-purpose collegiate back. Along with top-level ability comes a number of suitors; 16 (offers) to be exact. Greene spoke to SOR about his current leader.

Mustafa Greene claims to currently be recruited the hardest by Rutgers, NC St., and Maryland. When asked who his favorite is, he confessed, "Rutgers". The Scarlet Knights appear to have made a strong impression on the young man.

He stated, "I like Rutgers because it's up north and I have a lot of family up there. I just moved down here 6 years ago. Most of my family is up there. I only have a few family members down here. Other than my mother, my grandmother, sister and nephew all the rest of my family is up there. My brother and the rest of my family want me to go to Rutgers too because they wanna see me play. They are always telling me that it is a good school. I haven't been there for a visit yet, but Rutgers is a school that I know that I will visit. I just have to set up time with the coaches."

He continued, "The coaches keep in contact with me the most too. They tell me that I can be their primary back. I talk to Coach Hewitt at least once a week. We always talk about the family (atmosphere) and he told me that once I get up there, our relationship will become even more intense."

Greene is looking to go to an institution with the best of both worlds. "The school that I go to has to have good academics. I'm also looking at the depth chart and it depends on what they need me to do and how fast I'll get to play" he said.

Mustafa was recently selected to participate in the Under Armor All- American game. He plans to make his collegiate commitment there. Other than Rutgers, he did not indicate another top school at this time. "I'll make my decision at the All-American game. I wanna pick a hat with my mother standing there with me" said Greene.

Mustafa has made tremendous gains this off-season by trimming his forty time down to the 4.4 range and bulking up to 205 lbs. He claims that his best attribute as a runner is his vision and ability to read the blocks of his offensive linemen. His main goal for the upcoming season is to eclipse the 2,000 yard mark that he was able to reach as a sophomore. SOR will keep you advised.

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