Huggins Preps for Upcoming Season

RB Savon Huggins of St. Peters Prep (NJ) has had a busy off-season in which he has competed at a multitude of events as well as train to get bigger, faster and stronger. His tremendous commitment level to his high school football team is apparent in talking to the talented young man. SOR caught up with Savon for a quick update before he arrives in up-state New York for 3-A-Days tomorrow.

"I'm excited about going to camp tomorrow. Everyone looks good and is healthy. Instead of 2-A-Days, we actually do 3-A-Days in up-state New York. It's good because it's isolated and you can't use phones and stuff like that. I think it's the best idea for a team in any sport. It allows you to build chemistry with your teammates and concentrate on your team goals" said Savon Huggins.

Savon has worked hard to make the necessary gains to become a better player. He stated, "I gained 5 lbs so now I am 5'11 190 lbs. I also got faster and more explosive. This summer, I ran a 4.35 forty and ran a 4.4 flat right after that so I have definitely improved. My bench is up to 275 (lbs.), squat; 575 and my deadlift is up to 595".

He continued, "I worked a lot on my footwork, keeping my shoulders squared, blocking and catching. Overall, I want to be a double threat and a player that can do a lot of things."

Savon also spoke on the possible improvement of his team this upcoming season. "The O-line looks real good. We have got a lot of Jrs. who didn't play a lot last year who are ready to step up. It's a battle out there. Young guys like (sophomores) D.J. Singleton and Crayton are also really learning their positions and developing quickly. Right now, leadership is the biggest thing because everyone looks up to you. Whatever you do, they (the young guys) follow, so you have to always take that into consideration".

Huggins has taken a couple unofficial visits this past summer. "I went to Wake Forrest and Miami this summer… and I was at Rutgers for an All-Star game. Wake Forest is not bad. They are a nice program and have good academics. Rutgers isn't bad either. They have real nice facilities and a nice weight room. Miami has a real nice city life and they have (produced) a lot of NFL players. (As far as the recruiting process), I have a long way to go. Right now, I'm just working out and doing things to get better for my team so we can win a state championship."

When specifically asked about his Rutgers interaction, he mentioned, "I talk to Coach Flood every so often. He comes down to my school sometimes… both him and Schiano. Schiano came down one day and watched us lift. They think I'm perfect for their offense and told me that I could be successful and could get the ball often in their pro-style offense". Stay tuned.

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