Rutgers Maintains Solid Position

RB Jamaal Jackson of Hodgson Vo-Tech (DE) is currently sorting through 9 offers and plans to make a commitment anywhere from late December to early January next year. Currently, there are 3 specific teams in the lead for his services based upon the amount of attention they show to him. SOR caught up with Jamaal to discuss which schools have positioned themselves in his top 3.

"Right now, I have somewhat of a top 3. They are ECU, Michigan and Rutgers. I like these 3 schools the most because these are the schools showing me the most interest. I'm just looking to go to a school where I feel comfortable and where ill have an equal opportunity to play as long as I am the best player." said Jamaal Jackson.

When asked which coaches he has recently been in contact with, he mentioned, "Recently, I have spoken to Coach Schiano, the ECU running back coach and the Michigan coach (Rodriguez). I just called them up to see where I stand with them. I wanted to set up my visits but couldn't do it yet because I'm not sure about my schedule. I will be calling them back to set up my visits."

As for the conversations with the 3 coaches, he mentioned:

Rutgers: "I spoke to Coach Schiano about 3 weeks ago. He told me that they are still interested in me and he was happy to hear from me. We don't really talk too much about football. We talk more about family issues and stuff like that. They want me to play in the backfield and possibly the slot."

ECU: "We talked about me getting up there for a visit but since I didn't know my schedule we didn't get to do it. It was a pretty short lived conversation because I had to go."

Michigan: "Coach Rodriguez explained to me how they plan to use me all over the field at running back and in the slot. They want me to be everywhere."

In regards to his position preference on the next level, he stated, "I prefer to play in the backfield but wherever the coaches want me to play, I'll play."

Jamaal has worked out constantly this off-season beginning only three days after last season had ended. His hard work has led to him gaining an additional 10 lbs (currently 5'9 171 lbs), which he claims have not affected his 4.3-4.4 speed.

"I feel faster and stronger. Since Saturday, we have been going through 3-A-Days from 8 to 6 so being stronger helps me. I also got nominated to play in the New Jersey vs. Northeast All-Star Game and I'm waiting to see if I get selected for the U.S. Army All American Game". SOR will keep you posted.

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