Willie Foster and Marcus Daniels

Willie Foster and Marcus Daniels are buddies. I caught up with both of them earlier this evening.

Willie Foster, WR, 6-0, 160, 4.35,  Miami Central HS                 

Why did he choose  Rutgers?

"It seemed like the place for me. I fit in perfect. I liked the academic program. I like the athletic program because it has a good future. Their record wasn't that good this year but they have a good future. Also, I'll have a chance to play next year."

How solid is this commitment?

It is 100%

Will he still take anymore visits?

"No, I am going to Rutgers."


"I had 25 catches for 592 yards, 11 touchdowns. I made All Dade County and played in the All Star game. I had a catch for 44 yards. The thing I bring the most is that I bring a lot of speed and I have great hands."



Marcus Daniels, WR, 6-2, 190, 4.3, Miami Central, Miami    

How was your trip to Rutgers.

"It was great"

Who did you hang with

"I hung with Bill Beckford, Willie Foster, Val Barnaby."

What is your impression of Rutgers

"They care about the players, they care about your school work. They care about you. They stick together as a family. The coaches are more like friends than just like coaches. I am a strong lean for Rutgers. I'll take a visit to West Virginia but I think I am going to go to Rutgers. I haven't told them yet but I am pretty sure I am going to go there."


"I had 730 yards in 35 catches, 12 touchdowns. I was second in the county. My best asset as a player is that I can go up and get the ball and I can add yards after the catch."

Daniels has offers on the table from Auburn and LSU.

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