Mangiro's Recruitment Heating Up

Jr. Angelo Mangiro of Roxbury HS (NJ) is an athletic specimen and will likely be considered the #1 lineman in the state of New Jersey for the class of 2011. He played last season as a sophomore at 6'3 and 292 pounds. Angelo is currently being coveted by many programs around the country. SOR caught up with him to discuss his plentiful recruitment.

The talented young junior definitely isn't short on accolades at this early point in his high school career. As a sophomore, he garnered 1st Team All Iron Hills Conference, 1st Team All Morris County, 1st Team All- Area, 1st Team All- Group 3, and 2nd Team All-State honors. "I started varsity both ways since the third game of my freshman season. Last year, we started off the season with a loss to Morris and then went on to win 8 in a row. We eventually lost to Rahway in the first round of the playoffs. I played mostly right tackle and defensive tackle, but I can also play end. Run blocking is probably what I do best. On defense, I had about 63 tackles, 11 tackles for loss and 4 sacks. It was a pretty good season" said Angelo Mangiro.

Even as a sophomore, Angelo was already already one of the strongest players on his Roxbury team. Going into his Jr. year, he currently claims a 315-pound bench press, a 450-pound squat and 310-pound hang clean. When asked how he attained such size and strength at an early age, he stated, "I don't know. I work really hard. There really aren't too many real big guys in my family. My father is 6'2 but my family says I take after my grandfather who was 6'5… and I look like him too."

It's no surprise that Angelo has many suitors at this early point in the recruitment process. He claims to have been invited to Boston College, Notre Dame and Maryland. Although many FBS schools are expected to offer Angelo a full athletic scholarship as of September 1st, the only college that he has actually visited is Rutgers.

As for his Rutgers impressions, "I have been there a few times. We went down as a team my freshman year. We got to check out practice and get to know the staff. I have been there a few times since then as well. I like it a lot. It's nice that it's so close to home. They have nice facilities and the staff has a lot of good teachers. It's a good school although I have no other schools to compare it to right now."

He continued, "Coach Schiano likes my film a lot. He told me that I am their #1 lineman in my class and a top 5 junior. Coach is a Jersey guy who grew up in the same area as my parents. We even eat at the same restaurants. He's a real easy guy to talk to. I like his philosophies."

Angelo has also had the opportunity to talk to a couple current Scarlet Knights. "I got to meet Anthony Davis and Art Forst in the cafeteria. We talked over lunch. They weren't trying to force me to come to Rutgers or anything like that. They actually told me to enjoy the process and to not let it overwhelm me. They are both cool guys. Anthony told me how he went back and forth with his decision until the last moment when Rutgers just felt right and Art told me that he enjoyed the recruiting process early and then just got sick of it after a while. He already knew where he wanted to be so he committed early."

When asked of any early favorites, Mangiro replied, "I have no favorites right now. I'm pretty much open to anywhere and anything. I'm mostly looking at the east coast, but I like the California schools too. Like I said, so far I have only been to Rutgers a few times so I need something to compare it to. I just wanna see some schools and check out some campuses before I even try to come up with any favorites". SOR will keep you posted.

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