Catching up with Joshua Ford

The 6'3 195 lb. Calvin Coolidge WR is excited and highly prepared for the up-coming season which begins tomorrow. Joshua Ford is ranked the number 2 receiver in D.C. behind teammate, Martize Barr who is also very talented. These two tremendous talents have received a handful of offers and are ready to further impress on-lookers with the aerial attack they hope to display this season.

SOR caught up with Josh to discuss his future.

Joshua Ford is an elusive receiver with good hands who has the ability to stretch the field with his legit 4.4 speed. Last season, his Jr. year, was his first opportunity to play high school football due to academic issues. These same academic issues have kept many collegiate coaches away although Josh has the on-field skills to be a top-tier prospect.

He mentioned, "I have been playing football all my life. I wasn't able to play in high school until last year because I was more concerned with running around and not taking academics seriously. I finally got on my grind and became eligible to play. I have learned my lesson and have been putting in a lot of work academically. I currently have a 2.1 GPA and plan to improve on that even further. I take the SATS in October and hope to do real well."

Even with the previous academic trouble, Ford still claims to have received offers from Utah, Kansas and New Mexico. He also mentioned the Georgia has been in contact with him a lot lately. " I have been talking to wide receiver coach Tony Ball. He likes me a lot. He told me to send him some film of me from my first five games and if I improve a bit more, they would offer me a scholarship. I went camping at Georgia with my (my teammate) Avery and we liked it a lot."

Rutgers, apparently hasn't shown much interest in Ford as of yet. "I don't really know too much about them except one time last year they came to our school to talk to us. There were like 2 or 3 coaches from the school" said Joshua.

When asked how he would respond to a Rutgers offer, he mentioned, "Of course I would like it. For one, they are close and I really like the offense. They put people in the league and have my number 1 major which is psychology. I especially like it because my family could come see me play. I want to go somewhere that I will feel comfortable and also get playing time. It is also important that I go somewhere that they put academics on par with athletics. Rutgers seems like that type of place".

As for his goals for improvement, Ford stated, "I want to improve on everything… my route running, coming out of my breaks, and staying on top of the league in all receiving categories. Me and Martize are competing to lead the league". SOR will keep you posted.

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