McCourty Ready to Move Forward

This season, Senior Devin McCourty has assumed the role of team captain and undeniable leader of the Rutgers defensive secondary. Although the defense didn't see its best day against Cincinnati, they have proven in the past to be a resilient group with a one-game-at –a-time type mentality. McCourty knows what it takes to right the ship and lead the Scarlet Knights back to prosperity.

SOR caught up with him after the game to discuss the Cincinnati loss and the much needed defensive improvements that Rutgers fans hope to see in the near future.

"(the reason why we couldn't get it done was) tough to call. (Tony) Pike was very accurate today. He hit a lot of receivers and hit them often. We just didn't get it done today. Tomorrow we'll come in, watch the film and break it down. Then as a team, and as individuals, we can see what we can do to be better suited when we take on Howard" said Devin McCourty.

On-field tackling appeared to be an issue for the Scarlet Knights who are normally pretty efficient in that area. "A few times, coach called us to the sidelines and told us to settle down. He said we were getting to the ball, but we just have to wrap up and make the tackle; and when you don't make tackles guys will break long runs and big plays are given up so that's what happened today. We were prepared as a defense. Today just wasn't our day and we didn't get it done."

Devin also addressed questions about the team's preparedness for the contest. "Coming out of camp you have a long time preparing for a team so we definitely felt we were prepared to take on Cincinnati. That's how you step out on the field, but today it just went totally wrong".

The 47-15 Cincinatti loss shared some eerie similarities to last season's home losses to Fresno State and North Carolina. As for how Devin felt about that, "It's a little similar, but a little different. This game felt different than last year. I'm not sure really how, but it wasn't the same feel as last year maybe because of how last year happened, but we gotta get it strait" he said.

Both the offense and defense appeared to be a bit deflated after the opening drives. Devin was asked whether the high expectations from the packed house could have caused the team's level of excitement peak prematurely. He replied, "Around here, we preach chopping so once a drive is over, we are off to the next drive. Although it's disappointing the way we came out today and we just need to get it together for Saturday". SOR will keep you posted.

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