Jefferson Looks the Part at TE

Last Saturday marked D.C. Jefferson's debut as a tight end for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. The 6'6 255-pound redshirt freshman looked very natural at his new position based on his ability to be physical as well as his terrific athleticism for a man that large. Jefferson's recent emergence, if continued, could be the answer for an offense always looking to identify additional playmakers.

"Today I just knew I was gonna be the most nervous guy on the field, but s soon as I stepped on field, I felt like it was just another high school game, (and I was) just going out there playing football and having fun" said D.C. Jefferson.

Jefferson hauled in his first collegiate catch on a 48-yard connection at the hands of Tom Savage early in the second quarter of the Scarlet Knights' face-off against the Howard Bison. "It was very nerve-wracking… watching that ball in the air, all I could do was think about catching it. It was very exciting."

He continued, "Yea my eyes were bigger than a fifty-cent piece. It was a big moment for me. That was my first catch and I didn't really know what to do. I was just trying to run as hard as I can and get there. (to the end zone)"

As for the moves that Rutgers fans were awaiting for D.C. to reveal after the catch, he stated, "They are gonna come out. As soon as I get comfortable, they're gonna come out."

D.C. also expressed how it felt to catch a pass from a player he, just as recently as a month ago, had to compete against for possible playing time. "It's quarterback to quarterback. One day I hope to get the little tight end pass so I'll be ready for that, but as far as everything else, I'm excited about it."

Practice obviously makes perfect. D.C. alluded to how Rutgers' pro-style practice preparation helped him on the field during his first career start. "Playing was… very fun. I feel like being in practice is more intense than the game. (Because of it), everything was slow to me. I was focused in on what I had to do and it was just exciting to be out there. Preparation is our secret. Every day, I work on my footwork. I work on everything at tight end. I moved positions so I had to be on point with everything."

Jefferson admitted how previously being a signal-caller has helped him to get a jump start at the tight end position. "Yea that was a big help. Going in, there was a lot of stuff that I had to learn with tight end and blocking and all that stuff, but as far as formation and routes, I was pretty much on top of that already."

The physicality of the tight end position is a welcomed addition to the playing style of the talented young athlete. Jefferson displayed the tenacity to be proficiently able to assist Rutgers in the running game in addition to having the mitts to catch football. "Being able to be physical is something that I wanna do and (while) playing quarterback, I wasn't able. Now at tight end, I take every opportunity I can to be physical. I still have to work on things, but I think that's one of my key things… just being able to come off the ball and be physical".

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