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The questions have been piling up and today I will try and address some of the more frequently asked.


What's wrong with the Rutgers offense?


There is nothing going on that Rashod Kent or another inside force wouldn't immediately cure.  Last year during THE RUN Rutgers had a strong inside/out game.  Teams routinely doubled down on Kent and set their defense to stop Kent. This opened up the perimeter and gave our long- range bombers an extra second or so to square and release.  This year there have been too many three's let fly when the shooter wasn't squared to the basket and was really rushed.


How will Alleyne, Douby and Webb help next year?  Will they all start?


Each of the three players recruited by Rutgers brings something different to the table. I'll start small and go big.


Quincy Douby is doing really well up at St. Thomas More on the court and in the classroom. A Big East Assistant said that he is considered the "best gun in the East". This kid is a top 75 bona fide shooter from zip code range on in. I believe we stole him.


Coach Sipes at St. Thomas More said "he made a great impression at the War at the Shore in Delaware, drawing interest from Penn State, Maryland, Louisville, Mississippi State and others just hours before signing at Rutgers.  We believe he will be an impact player in the Big East."


"He got off to a relatively rough start but has since really gotten down to the business at hand. He is playing very well. He is still a little skinny, but is getting there."


Marquis Webb is a little bigger and stronger than Quincy. Marquis is more of a scorer because right now he can take it to the hole, score underneath on put backs or stop and pop from deep. He is extremely versatile and can play the one, two or three if need be.


Webb is extremely enthusiastic just like present freshman, Cal Wooten. He is both a vocal leader and a leader by example. He is a student of the game and understands some of the finer points of the game. Marquis is someone that you would want with the ball in his hands when the game is on the line.  He'll go to the foul line and hit the big free throw or fire up the three to tie the score.


He has proven himself to be a consensus top 75 ball player who also excels in the classroom. Like his future running mate Quincy, he is a steal.


The biggest may end up being the best. Shagari Alleyne has come of age on the offensive side of the court this year.  Considered a project by many coaches, Gary Waters recognized his skills early on and made him a recruiting priority.  Alleyne has learned how to become a consistent go to guy on the inside.


 Offensively even in a game when he shoots in the 70 or 80 percent range there is a high upside.  He hasn't started to scratch the surface of his offensive potential. He best shot used to be the dunk, which he can do without leaving his feet. He has expanded his arsenal and is learning a drop step and a baby skyhook.


On defense he controls the game.  The lane is his and you can't go into his territory. That's it in a nutshell.  Double/doubles and triple/doubles are becoming commonplace.

He still, however, takes himself out of games by fouls but that too will come with time.


He has a great ability to get his fellow teammates at Rice involved by passing out of the post.  This allows for cutters and perimeter shoots. He just has to get stronger and let the game come to him.


He like his future classmates is a great get for the program. Shag is also a top 75 and like Quincy and Marquis will see a lot of court time at the RAC. It's too early to tell who will start but these guys will be RAC REGULARS and fan favorites.


Where do you think Rutgers will go with the last two scholarships?


If I were the coach, I'd bring in two more big guys.  With one scholarship I would look foreign or Junior College for an experienced insider that could give me immediate help for next year. With the second I would look toward another prep forward/center.



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