Wynn Earns Start at RG

Desmond Wynn is a player who has continually fought through defensive depth chart adversity only to find himself as a starter in his third year on the offensive side of the football.

His ideal size and toughness made him the premiere candidate to vacate a position where depth was being built and move to a position where he would be able to make more of an immediate impact.Wynn spoke about his transition after the win over FIU.

"I've been working hard to get here. I was always on defense before and now I'm on o- line… and it hasn't been easy but I've got guys like Kevin Haslam and (Ryan) Blaszczyk to help me out a lot out there so it makes it a lot easier" said Desmond Wynn.

He continued, "Defense is more like guys just running around and its high speed. Offense is more footwork, technique and different things like that. So it was a bit of an adjustment."

Coach Schiano spoke positively in regards to Wynn's performance in his first start.

"You can see some things where experience is lacking. But he's strong and he stays on blocks. He's going to be a guy that if he keeps progressing, he'll have a chance to be really good. I don't where we'll go as far as, we'll keep tinkering because it's not quite right yet. But we're getting better, that's the key."

In response to those comments, Wynn stated, "I played the hardest I could. I wouldn't say I did well at everything because I messed up some but I did alright for the most part."

When asked what he thought he needed to improve upon, he responded, "Everything. I'm nowhere near where I need to be. There is nothing that I can say I'm real good at. I'm just trying to get better at everything."

You would think that jitters would be associated with his first start, but Wynn claims the opposite. "Last week, I had already played some against Howard for my first time. So this week, after the first play I was alright after that. I was like, OK, I'm in here now, let's go."

Wynn is fully aware of the adjustments that need made offensively and spoke of the preparation that it will take in order to get a win next Saturday against the Terrapins.

"We are just gonna come in tomorrow to watch film on his game and then Monday watch film on Maryland to get ready for them". Stay tuned.

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