Freeny Blossoming into Impact Player

So far this season, Jonathan Freeny has blossomed into a consistent pass rusher off the edge. His team leading 4 sacks has helped improve a defense that began the season on a bit of a low note. The 6'2 250-pounder appears to improve every game, and could possibly provide the pressure needed to kick-start additional plays in the secondary as well.

During Saturday's 23-15 win over the FIU Golden Panthers, Freeney contributed 2 sacks and a quarterback hurry in a game where the defense overall played their best game of the season.

"The defense played great. We came out trying to just do our assignments to the best of our ability... and just get pressure on the quarterback, get interceptions and try to get the ball back to the offense." said Jonathan Freeny.

Freeny addressed how it feels to be playing a major role in the resurgence of the Scarlet Knights' defensive efforts.

"It makes me feel great to know that I'm contributing to the team. I'm just trying to get the other guys going. When I get a sack, I try to get the other guys pumped up to put pressure on the quarterback even more."

Although the Rutgers defense played 54 minutes of mistake-free football, they allowed 15 points in the final few minutes of the contest.

In response to comments about playing 60 minutes of football as opposed to 54, he stated, "As long as we just keep working every day, and trying to get better, we'll get better. We could be real good by the end of the season."

The Maryland Terrapins will likely present a step up in competition for the Knights. This game marks the first time that Rutgers will have to play a road game this season.

"Its gonna be the same thing. We'll be in a different environment, but we just gotta play our game" he said. "On the road, its especially good knowing that you can go away and play good in a different environment when other people are rooting against you and all that…just knowing that you can stay focused when the odds are against you is real big."

Freeny was asked about the importance of this game, being that Maryland handily defeated the Scarlet Knights 34-24 two seasons ago in a contest where the Rutgers defensive line got was out-played, didn't tackle well, nor force a single turnover.

"Every game means a lot to our season. Every game we have to come out and play to the best of our abilities. So I wouldn't say any game is more important than another one because each game is its own season, but that being said, yes, we will be ready."

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