A new RB rotation, defense, memories and more

Rutgers coach Greg Schiano talked Friday with the media coming off of the 31-0 defeat of No. 23 South Florida on Thursday at Rutgers Stadium. He updated the condition of running back Kordell Young, spoke about a possible new rotation in the backfield, addressed the play of the offensive line and also compared the defensive effort to another dominating defensive display.

Rutgers coach Greg Schiano said junior running back Kordell Young will undergo an MRI on his injured knee Friday, which could create shifts in the running back rotation.

Young, who is impeccable at picking up the blitz, is the Scarlet Knights' third-down back.

With him out during Thursday's second half of Rutgers' 31-0 throttling of No. 23 South Florida, starting tailback Joe Martinek absorbed the role. It meant more plays for Martinek, and could cause Schiano to turn to sophomore Jourdan Brooks or freshman DeAntwan Williams to lighten Martinek's load.

"Will we have to adjust first and second down, maybe, if in fact Joe is the third down back?'' Schiano said. "That's where we may have to adjust a little bit. Even at the end, Ray (Rice) wasn't taking all three downs all the time. I think that's hard to do, to do it all.''

Martinek matched his career-high with 25 carries, gaining 128 yards, while Brooks didn't come off the sideline.

Williams had four token carries for seven yards on Rutgers' last possession.

"I think there's a place for Jourdan and for DeAntwan,'' Schiano said. "I know Jourdan didn't get in last night, but I definitely think there's a place. We're going to have to wait and see what Kordell's situation is, but if Kordell can't go on third down, then it becomes even more of a place. But I think Joe has distinguished himself a little bit.''

As for Young, Schiano is hoping for the best.

"He's going to come in and see me after he gets his MRI,'' Schiano said. "I've been doing this for a lot of years. It's hard for those guys that have multiple injuries. They can whip you down. He's got such strong faith, he's such a good kid, that I'm sure he'll battle through it.

"I just hope and pray it isn't another surgery.

Defensive changes
Rutgers defense stayed true to itself by pressuring South Florida quarterback B.J. Daniels, but spent the extra few days installing changes to its pressure points by bringing linebackers through the middle and around the edge, and also overloading a side of the protection at times.

"We're a pressure team, but I think maybe there was a little different pressures, different schemes than there have been,'' Schiano said. "Not every time, but some of the time, and I think our guys executed it extremely well.''

Oh, the memories The Scarlet Knights held the Bulls to seven first downs and 159 yards of offense in their first Big East Conference shutout since 1993. It also marked the first time South Florida was shut out in the regular season.

"A different offense, but it reminded me a lot of the Kansas State game in the (Texas) Bowl game,'' Schiano said. "That was one of the better defensive performances we had here. (It was) 11 guys executing their techniques the way that you envision it.''

Grading the OL
South Florida linebacker Kion Wilson talked during the week about being able to exploit Rutgers' offensive line via stunts and blitzes, and he made 18 tackles. However, Rutgers was able to run for 160 yards on 42 carries, and defensive end George Selvie was neutralized, failing to gain a sack against the Scarlet Knights for a fourth straight season.

"I think the offensive line played better than it has,'' Schiano said. "They're a very active front, and I thought the guys did a good job of identifying and then executing.''

The upcoming schedule Schiano said some of the coaches are out recruiting today, and he may take in a game tonight. He also said he will have his usual day-after meeting with his team, and the coaches will work on the Syracuse game plan Saturday.

The Scarlet Knights will practice Sunday, be off Monday and begin preparing for Syrcause on Tuesday.

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