Notes from the Press Conference

Just got back from the meeting. I will try and give a quick recap. After the TD club officers spoke Bob Mulcahy took some questions for about 5 minutes until GS took the podium. Of note, he mentioned that he has control over the schedule beginning in 2006. He inherited what he alluded to as poor scheduling with some tough opponents (Maryland and Illinois) over the next few years. Said he has no doubt that GS will get it done.


Coach said that he is thrilled with this class. Says it was the best one yet. Said that the current class is the best class academically so far so he is real happy with that. Said it met "most" of their needs. Not all but most. Said it focused on DBs and Olinemen and he is extremely happy with who they got. The recruits:


-         Braswell: a special player. Said it was very tough  to get him to come to RU but in the end he is thrilled to get him. Said that he is great CB with a long reach and quick feet. Good hitter.

-         Brittingham – is a fierce player. Tough. Tireless worker. Player of the year in Pennsy in the biggest group with the toughest comp. Feels that prep has really helped him out especially with academics

-         Daniels – I got the sense that he is beside himself for this one. He was a FSU/Miami  type recruit and he is ecstatic to have him. You can just tell that he was trying to temper his enthusiasm. Big, fast, athletic. Awesome get.

-         Dato – will help immediately. In school and practicing/working out with the team.

-         Diaz – an absolute diamond in the rough. Only reason more people didn't find him is because he played at a school 3.5 hours north of St. Paul. Says that they got "lucky" with this one because Lakatos followed leads from a coach in Cali who raved about him and they finally tracked him down. After RU was on him, Diaz was swarmed with people trying to get him.

-         Fladell – a specimen who is an outstanding young man. Came down virtually every official weekend to help recruit. Said that he had to help coach the Oline in his own HS. Found him in camp.

-         Foster – blazing speed. Said he is soooo fast. Can't wait to see him and Kane race. Said he is now the fastest guy on the team.

-         Quinnie – a guy who was overlooked early (RU got him to come up to camp) but really impressed throughout the year. The weather was so perfect when he came up here that he just loved RU. Held off lots of recruiters to keep him. Sideline to sideline and HITS people. Can play FB, LB or S.

-         Gillespie – played several position at the RU camp and really played great at all of them. Loves him – said he is a winner. Very versatile.

-         Green – said that he will be worth the wait – and they have waited! Can't wait to get him out there. He will be moving to the area (still in school) and working out with them. He should be ok academically.

-         Hairston – thrilled to have him back after he signed with Iowa last year. Said he tried to convince him not to go to Iowa last year but he couldn't keep him. He sucked p his pride and offered him. Thinks that he is going to be reaaaal good here.

-         Harley – as strong a guy as he has been around. Will be able to hold down the fort and really add experience to a young, talented Dline. Emphasized STRONG! 525 lb bench press.

-         Sam Johnson – said he felt bad for how much pressure this guy was under to stick with his commitment to RU. He said that the staff graded him equal to Olsen. Loves this kid. Absolutely loves him. Said that Sosa was crucial in his recruitment and getting him to come. Was speaking to his mom as he came into the RAC. Loves this guy.

-         Kane – a BURNER! Can't wait to see him race foster. Along with foster will absolutely stretch out defenses.

-         Listori – a versatile player. Plays a lot in the TE flex set. Will get more reps in the 2 TE set as he gets bigger. Runs like a wideout. Discovered him in the camp;

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