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Whether it's returning kickoffs 100 yards for touchdowns against Tennesee and Syracuse or racing around the Rutgers University campus to a finance class, Nathan Jones is a young man with tremendous ambition.
Harry Frezza Jr.: Jones a success on and off the field at Rutgers - Courier News



Suddenly, Rutgers' ability to turn dangerous, high-scoring post players into nonfactors is more than just a freak occurrence. It's becoming a habit.
For the third straight game, the Knights' interior tandem of Kareem Wright and Sean Axani made a major opposing force essentially disappear. After holding Syracuse's Hakim Warrick to six points and Seton Hall's Kelly Whitney to three, Wright and Axani limited Boston College's Craig Smith, one of the Big East's best freshmen, to a career-low nine points (and six rebounds) yesterday.
Rutgers notes: Wright, Axani get physical

Herve Lamizana can't promise he will be as efficient and effective on offense for the rest of the season as he was yesterday, but he vows the overall effort will be there every time he steps on the court.
Rutgers: Lamizana saves day, fans hopes

PISCATAWAY - It was really just an idle conversation. The woman, probably to tease, told Herve Lamizana his team wasn't all that much fun to watch."She said we weren't exciting," the Rutgers junior forward said, rolling his eyes and turning down his mouth. But then he looked up, broke into that Cheshire-cat grin of his, and said, "Can you believe that?"Maybe before noon Saturday. But definitely not after.
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Somewhere in Boston, a couple big guys are really sore today. Boston College's Nate Doornekamp, Craig Smith and Andrew Bryant, who between them stand more than 20 feet tall and weigh more than 760 pounds, can thank Sean Axani and Kareem Wright for their bruised bodies and egos. And Rutgers University men's basketball fans can thank Axani and Wright for their unsung roles in Saturday's 75-72 victory.
Wright, Axani's monster defensive effort key to Rutgers' win over BC - Courier News

PISCATAWAY -- All that stood between Andrew Bryant and a game-tying basket was a little piece of twine. A teammate's inbounds pass from in front of the Boston College bench grazed the bottom of the net as it made its way to a wide-open Bryant. Bryant was unguarded on the baseline with 3.2 seconds remaining but the deflection distracted him for a split second. The ball and a chance to force overtime then slipped through his hands, sailing harmlessly out of bounds as Rutgers held on for a 75-72 comeback victory over the Eagles at the Louis Brown Athletic Center on Saturday.
Solid team effort helps Rutgers pull out much-needed victory over BC - Courier News

PISCATAWAY -- When Rutgers forward Herve Lamizana is playing well, it looks effortless. When he plays poorly, it looks like he contributes hardly any effort at all.
The latter, Lamizana said, is about to change.
The Trentonian

Rutgers prolonged a season on life support, producing an uncharacteristic result in a characteristically close contest by avoiding the late-game collapses that have plagued the team all season. The result: A 75-72 victory over Boston College yesterday at the Louis Brown Athletic Center.
The Trentonian

After going 16 for 25 in the first half, hitting their last 10 shots and five foul shots, the Eagles wound up going 8 for 32 from the field after the break. BC mustered just one basket in the final 7:32, a tough up-and-under layup by Craig Smith, who combined with Ryan Sidney (12 points) to go 6 for 22 from the field. Smith, the freshman sensation who came in averaging 21.7 points, was held to 9, marking the first time he's failed to score in double figures.
Boston Globe Online / Sports / Eagles shift into reverse

Women's Basketball

PATERSON - For the Rutgers and Seton Hall women's basketball teams, there is more at stake in today's game than state bragging rights or positioning within the Big East Conference.While those two factors are certainly important for Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer and Seton Hall coach Phyllis Mangina, what looms as potentially more significant down the road is how this basketball game may affect the recruiting game.
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Rutgers women's preview

Rutgers-Seton Hall women's basketball scouting report - Courier News



From outside his office window on the second floor of the Louis Brown Athletic Center, Fred Hill can barely see the batting cages behind the basketball court's west-end bleachers. "I can hear them, though," said Hill, the veteran Rutgers baseball coach who oversees one of the northeast's top programs. Eleven players who starred for Hill over the past three seasons currently are in the minor leagues. All but one has returned home to get their arms and swings in shape for spring training, which begins later this month.
Former Rutgers baseball stars come home to prep for spring training - Courier News


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