Darryl Watkins

Darryl Watkins, 6-11, 230, C Patterson Catholic

From Paterson Catholic's game with Oak Hill Academy


Big, physical player with quick hands and quick feet, who can run the court well. Can fight his way to a shot with good power moves in the lane. Once in position he finishes off with soft "touch shots" for scores, even in heavy traffic. Good instincts and quickness as a rejecter. I was impressed with his tenacity in the middle on offense, fighting for "put backs". Darrly is athletic yet almost graceful for a player of his size, he can surprise you with quickness and agility. He looks to give up the ball to open players when he is double teamed and can find the open man.


Needs a lot of work on his foul shot. Needs to learn how to use his quick feet to get position on offensive players in the lane. Too many times he let himself get out of position and expected to use his quickness to recover. Against lesser players he can get away with that but it won't fly in the Div 1A. This is a problem on offense and defense. On defense he lets players get around him. On offense he gets himself out of position and ends up putting up awkward shots. Has to do a lot of work on positioning both on offense and defense. Once, he gets positioning down, his obvious physical abilities will make him a star.


Watkins might be the top unsigned big man in the nation. He has been offered by Rutgers, Villanova, Seton Hall, Maryland, Syracuse and others. The Scarlet Knights are a finalist for his services


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