Four-star junior takes visit to Rutgers

A four-star recruit from the 2011 class was in attendance for Rutgers' season finale against West Virginia, and also brought a few other recruits with him. The player talks about his role in helping others get to college, what he wants in a school and where Rutgers fits into his plans.

It wasn't enough for four-star recruit Quentin Gause to travel five hours in snowy conditions to attend Rutgers' season finale against West Virginia.

If he was making the trip from Rochester, N.Y., he was bringing some friends to expose them to major college football, and also help them realize the academic commitment necessary to make it happen.

So, Gause, a class of 2011 linebacker and running back from Bishop Kearney of Rochester, made sure to include a few players from other schools in the Section V area in his journey.

"Kids from other schools, I love to talk to them and just help them out, and so they know the importance getting an education,'' the 6-foot-2, 215 Gause said. "There's a lot of talent up here in Rochester.

"I've heard a lot of stories about kids that were the best, a lot better than players in other states, but they couldn't do it in the classroom, or they had problems with girls.''

Gause was the headliner of the Section V quartet to make unofficial visits to Rutgers last weekend.

He was joined by junior quarterback Ashton Broyld of Rush-Henrietta (N.Y.) and seniors Kenneth Smiley (safety) and Tyshawn Murrell (CB/RB) of Wilson Magnet of Rochester.

"I'm trying to build a repoire with everybody in our area, Section V, and get them together as a team so we can start going to combines and get everybody noticed,'' Gause said. "Then, in a few years, I'll see on ESPN or CBS, and hear, ‘Section V is a big recruiting hub for these colleges.' It will be great to see.''

Indeed, Gause oozes maturity beyond his 17 years, something he says he gets from his father, as well as a few people close to him, including former New England Patriots running back Tony Collins, cousin and NFL receiver Roscoe Parrish and his father, Richard Gause.

Gause, who holds offers from Akron and Syracuse, is getting interest from a bundle of schools. And it should not be a surprise the football program's success isn't as important as the academics.

"When I talked to (Rutgers assistant) coach (Bob) Fraser, he explained that well. And the education from there is phenomenal,'' Gause said. "They're ranked No. 3 in the country in APR.

"It's a good program. The education aspect is the most important part of it because I want to be a sports broadcaster and journalist, and their program prepares you for the next level in case different things happen, like if you get injured or if you don't make it to the NFL. You've got to have that backup plan.''

A sampling of the schools Gause is hearing from are Penn State, Miami, Florida, Oregon, LSU, Rutgers, Syracuse and Georgia.

"I have family in the south. I have family in the west, also, in Oregon,'' Gause said. "I have family in New York state and the Bronx. Rutgers is a close location. Syracuse is, but I like Rutgers a lot.

"I like both schools a lot. I'm going to take an even deeper look into those programs and next year make my final decision.''

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