Does Rutgers still lead for Coleman?

One of Rutgers' top receiving targets is 6-foot-6, 200-pound four-star receiver Brandon Coleman. He has long favored the Scarlet Knights, but is coming off a pleasurable visit to his hometown school, the University of Maryland. So, where does Rutgers stand in Coleman's eyes now? Also, what does the Bishop McNamara (Forestville, Md.) standout think about Scarlet Knights quarterback Tom Savage?

During a hectic weekend of high school basketball and posing for an all-county photo shoot, Bishop McNamara (Forestville, Md.) four-star receiver Brandon Coleman squeezed in an official visit to Maryland.

It came a week after he tripped to Rutgers, and the 6-foot-6, 200-pound Coleman addressed whether it changed his leader.

"Rutgers is the leader,'' Coleman said. "Maryland is right there, though.''

Why is Rutgers his top choice at this juncture?

"I just feel really comfortable right now,'' Coleman said. "Talking with my family, looking at all the details, and looking at the big picture, that's my feeling right now. That's my mindset right now.''

But it doesn't mean Coleman didn't enjoy his Maryland visit, despite it being shoe-horned into a busy few days.

Coleman said he began his official visit Saturday because he was playing in a basketball tournament, which began Friday. If a player participates in any game of a tournament, NCAA rules prohibit a player from beginning an official visit until his team's participation in tournament is concluded.

Since Coleman played in a game Friday and his next game tipped off at 6 p.m. Saturday, he could not start the visit until the conclusion of that game.

"Basically, I ended up doing everything Sunday,'' Coleman said. "It was a little more personal because everyone else was gone. It was good. Saturday night we went to the ESPN Zone with a couple of recruits.''

Coleman was hosted by Terps' cornerback Cameron Chism, who played at Bishop McNamara. Despite the crazy weekend, Coleman said he came away from the trip to Maryland with a better appreciation for the school.

"I feel a lot more comfortable with the Maryland coaches,'' Coleman said. "I was able to hang out with their players, and see how I fit in with them. I know the area, but I had never been around the campus like that before.

"The dorms are nice. I got an academic tour. They've got a nice school of public health. Things went well.''

However, it wasn't enough to sway Coleman to change his leader board.

In fact, during his visit to Rutgers the week prior, he formed a closer bond with Scarlet Knights quarterback Tom Savage. The two spoke during the spring, when both were attending a Rutgers practice, but the relationship heightened, in Coleman's eyes, during his official visit.

And it is a big plus he could spend the next three seasons catching passes from Savage.

"That's one of the things I looked at from the beginning,'' Coleman said. "I've looked at the receivers they've got now, receivers they've got coming in. I've looked at quarterbacks. I even look at the offensive line, and if they are going to be able to give the quarterback time.

"I take a lot of things into consideration and write it down, and make sure I don't forget it. It's going to come down to the little things when I huddle with my family.''

Next up for Coleman is a trip to Syracuse the weekend of Jan. 15.

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