Va. safety plans to attend Junior Day

One of the top players in Virginia from the class of 2011 already holds an offer from Rutgers, and he said his plan is to be on campus for the Jan. 16 Junior Day event. The player discusses what he wants in a school, and a few of the places he will visit during the offfseason.

Junior Days are approaching, and one of the top players in Virginia said he plans to visit Rutgers for its Jan. 16 extravaganza.

South County (Lorton, Va.) safety/receiver Ronny Vandyke said he received an invitation from the Scarlet Knights' staff, and view it as an opportunity to learn more about a school that has already offered a scholarship for the 2011 class.

"I'll probably make it up there,'' Vandyke said. "I think they're very important because they show you how the schools is, the campus, and the football facilities.''

The 6-foor-3, 200-pound Vandyke holds offers from the Scarlet Knights, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Pittsburgh and Syracuse, and he's been doing his homework on each.

"I've been looking on their websites to see how they are, the history of these schools,'' Vandyke said. "I'm looking for a good football program and a good education. I've been thinking about (majoring in) communications or mechanical engineering.''

However, Vandyke's knowledge of one school supercedes the others.

"I know Tech more than the other schools,'' Vandyke said. "I've been liking for a long time ago, so I know more about them.''

Vandyke's had time to look at possible destinations, but his recruitment could pick up when he if he tours the camp circuit in the offseason. He missed his junior season with a shoulder injury.

So far, Vandyke is taking an open-minded approach to the recruiting process, and he plans on checking out each of the schools that offered him.

"Maryland, I know they're a good school,'' he said. "They had a rough year but they had a lot of freshmen this year. I think they had 24 that red-shirted, so I think next year they should be pretty good, and they have a good defense.

"Syracuse, they've been struggling for many years, but hopefully they can get better.''

Vandyke also complimented the defenses at Rutgers and Virginia Tech, and also talked about where his offseason travels may take him.

"I've been to Maryland and I've been trying to get to Pittsburgh. I think I'm going to go to Junior Day in February,'' Vandyke said. "I'll probably go to Rutgers and Syracuse in the summer.''

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