Bergen Cath. Jr. hearing from RU, many others

The player is being recruited as a safety and a receiver by many BCS schools, including Rutgers, Alabama, Notre Dame and Miami. Find out his whether he has any offers, and what he plans on doing during the pivotal offseason before his senion season. Also, he received an invitation to Rutgers' Junior Day, and he lets us know whether he will be attending.

No offers have come Cameron Dickerson's way, but the Bergen Catholic (Oradell, N.J.) safety/receiver is hearing from a few handfuls of high-caliber BCS schools, including Rutgers.

In fact, Dickerson said he was heading to Rutgers on Jan. 16 to be a part of the Scarlet Knights' Junior Day, and his recruitment could soon increase markedly as he readies to send out his highlight tape from his junior season.

"Hopefully, I'll get something soon after that,'' Dickerson said. "Then, I'm going to go to some combines this spring, and hopefully I'll have a good season next year and start getting some offers.''

Dickerson lists himself at 6-foot-3, 195 pounds. He said he is hearing from Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Miami, Rutgers, Iowa, Alabama, Temple and Syracuse.

He made 31 catches for 531 yards and seven touchdowns as a junior, and he plays forward on the basketball team. Dickerson is also toying with running track for the first time this spring.

And somewhere among his busy schedule Dickerson said he will decide on what combines and camps to participate in so recruiters can form evaluations.

"I'm going to start working out in a couple of weeks,'' Dickerson said. "Then, I'll start thinking about where I want to go.''

Dickerson said most of the colleges his in contact with are looking at him as a receiver, although he believes some may view him as a safety.

But he made his impact with the Crusaders on offense, primarily lining up wide.

"Coaches were able to get me the ball during the games and I was able to make plays,'' Dickerson said. "Most of the time I was out as a wide receiver. We had a couple formations where I would line up in the slot, but I think I was more comfortable outside.''

There are also things Dickerson will work on to improve his play, and it includes playing catch with a tennis ball from close range to further develop his hand-eye coordination and reaction time.

"I think I can definitely get stronger and my hands could always be better,'' he said. "I do a couple little things with tennis balls to keep my hands stronger. Sometimes, it's people throwing then to me, and I squeeze them to keep my hands strong.''

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