Kenny Britt: Tennessee feels like Rutgers

Former Rutgers record-breaking receiver Kenny Britt was on campus for Wednesday's men's basketball game, and toward the end of it took a few minutes to give an interview. Britt talked about his rookie season, an interesting link between Rutgers and Tennessee, and some good and mis-communicated things in his personal life.

When Tennessee Titans opened the season with six straight losses, rookie receiver Kenny Britt flashed back to his final season at Rutgers.

When the Titans won their next five games, Britt looked back at the 2008 Scarlet Knights and smiled, and saw parallels between his NFL season and his college experience.

"Honestly, it was probably like my junior year here at Rutgers,'' said Britt, who attended Rutgers' 94-68 loss basketball loss Villanova on Wednesday. "We had our ups and downs. We had our downs in the beginning of the season, but everybody fought together. Nobody looked down on the season.''

In 2008, Rutgers began the season 1-5, but won their last six regular season games and defeated North Carolina State in the Bowl to finish 8-5.

The Titans didn't reach the playoffs, but did end the season 8-8.

"Just like here at Rutgers, like coach (Greg) Schiano didn't give up on us, (Tennessee) coach (Jeff) Fisher didn't give up on us,'' the 6-foot-3, 218-pound Britt said. "So, I felt like I was at Rutgers again, because you're never going to find any place like Rutgers and Tennessee. They have that family build, where nobody gives up on you.''

Britt's legacy at Rutgers is well established. In three seasons he set the Big East record for receiving yards (3,043), and his decision to enter the NFL draft early made him the first player in school history to be selected in the first round (30th overall).

He also made a quick impact with the Titans, catching 42 passes for a team-leading 701 yards and three touchdowns, but being back home brought back plenty of warm memories.

"You come back here and get so much love,'' Britt said. "You miss your friends that you played ball with, and you miss your coaches and everything. Tennessee is so far from my house, it's hard for my family to get down there.

"When I was at Rutgers, my family would come see me and everything. It's a warm feeling for my family to come see me. When I was in my season, I came back here once-in-a-blue-moon to see my family, to get that love. You need that because it's a long season. On my bye week I came to see my family. That's what got me through the rest of the year."

Britt was recently in the news after being arrested for unpaid parking tickets, but there is much more going on in his personal life. He recently became engaged to Sabrina Robinson, whom he met at Rutgers.

The combination of that news, along with returning to Rutgers, had Britt flashing a big smile.

"It's a great feeling just to be around people that you're familiar with,'' he said. "I left before my senior year, but I definitely wanted to stay because of the fans. I've got a lot of fans in New Jersey. My fiancé, Sabrina Robinson, is here. I don't want to live the fast life. I want to settle down, have a family …I want to get my mind right."

As for his arrest, Britt said it was a lack of communication for two parking tickets stemming from the summer, and having a tinted window.

"My uncle was supposed to pay the tickets and he forgot to pay the tickets,'' Britt said. "So I'm in Tennessee, they're sending everything to the Bayonne house, that I need to pay off and then go to court. So I didn't get any paperwork, no mail in Tennessee.

"So, when I got back to Jersey and came home, I got stopped pulling out of a parking lot following my sister. And they ran my New Jersey license and all the tickets popped up.''

Britt paid the fines and was released, and said the issue is behind him.

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