Dodd discusses visit, fellow QB Savage

Rutgers quarterback commit Chas Dodd took his official visit to campus this weekend, and was hosted by quarterback Tom Savage. Dodd talked about how the two got along (and who is better at Call of Duty), whether he will visit during the spring to check in on practices, and what else he learned during his official vist to Rutgers.

Even if Chas Dodd wanted to sit back and blend into the background during his official visit to Rutgers this weekend, most of the other players wouldn't allow it to happen.

Not with his southern twang.

"Everyone wants to hear me talk because of my southern accent,'' said Dodd, the quarterback commit from Byrnes High in Duncan, S.C. "A lot of people kept telling me to talk the whole time I was there. It's kind of hard to be shy when everyone is telling you to talk all the time.''

The visit surpassed Dodd's high expectations, especially the way he hit it off with his host player, who he will spend plenty of time around the next few years.

Dodd was hosted by sophomore-to-be quarterback Tom Savage.

"I think we're going to be really good friends when I get up there,'' Dodd said. "We're pretty similar, so we should be pretty good friends. He can be kind of funny sometimes, and that's how I am. We have very similar personalities.

"I was dreading I was going to come up here and I probably wouldn't like the quarterbacks or get along with them, but I am and they're just like me with the way they act. We get along well.''

Saturday night is usually reserved for a trip to the ESPN Zone in Times Square, which is always a favorite of the recruits, and Friday night is usually reserved for experiencing the social life.

"We just kind of hung out in Tom's room and got to play a little Playstation, so I had to beat him in a game – Call of Duty,'' Dodd said with a chuckle. " He's pretty good, but I'm just a little bit better than him. I had an off game but I still beat him.''

One of the things that benefitted Savage during his freshman season was attending Rutgers' spring practices, and being able to watch and absorb part of the offense.

Savage made the hour-plus drive from Philadelphia on a daily basis. The trip from South Carolina isn't as commuter friendly, but Dodd plans on taking a few days off from school to attend a few of the Scarlet Knights' spring practices.

"I ‘m pretty sure I'm going to be up here in the spring to watch some practices,'' Dodd said. "I did talk to the coaches about it, and how important it was, and how helps it you get a head start, and starting learning some stuff for the season.''

The visit included the usual tours of the facilities, meetings with the coaching staff and academic advisors.

"I've been up there twice already, and I loved it,'' Dodd said. "Then, to really get to go around and see the facilities, meet the players and stuff, I really liked everything about it. I liked all the coaches. It was great. I'm really excited.''

Dodd threw for more than 4,100 yards and 51 touchdowns as a senior.

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