Commit Milewski visits, gets answers

Rutgers commit David Milewski of Sayreville High (Parlin, Pa.) had a shortened official visit this weekend, but it didn't curtail his experience. He came with a few pressing issues he wanted to learn more about, including what position he would play in college, and got answers.

An important basketball game kept Sayreville High (Parlin, N.J.) senior and Rutgers commit David Milewski from attending the first day of his official visit, but he got answers he craved once he stepped on campus.

First, with all the shifting going around in the coaching world, Milewski wanted re-assurance coach Greg Schiano would remain at Rutgers throughout Milewski's playing career.

"I wanted to make sure he was going to be there the whole time I'm here,'' Milewski said. "That's one of my biggest fears because college football is all over the place. He told me is committed to staying at Rutgers and winning a national championship, so I was really excited about that.''

Second, the 6-foot-4, 220-pound Milewski was told he would play linebacker for the Scarlet Knights, and not on the defensive line or at tight end.

"Coach Schiano told me I would play linebacker,'' Milewski said. "He isn't sure where at linebacker, whether it would be at MIKE or SAM or WILL, but he knows he wants me to play linebacker. He said figuring out which spot is his dilemma.''

While everyone else's trip to Rutgers began with a Friday lunch at the Hale Center, Milewski's visit started with a Saturday breakfast at the Hale Center.

Then, he was given a tour of the campus by recruiting coordinator and tight ends coach Joe Susan before lunch in New Brunswick. At night, the recruits and their families headed to the ESPN Zone in Times Square.

"Going to New York City and seeing Manhattan for yourself …a lot of these recruits from Florida and other states, may not have been to New York in their lives, so it's a big shock to them when they first see it,'' said Milewski, who was hosted by defensive tackle Scott Vallone. "It's impressive when you see it for the first time. It's beautiful. I've been there a lot, but I've never been to the ESPN Zone. That was awesome.

"We got up there, had the whole third floor to ourselves, had a really good dinner there, and then we played video games up there pretty much the whole night and then bussed home and went back to the hotel.''

On Sunday morning, Milewski had a chance to meet individually with Schiano, and was made aware how well it would suit him if, after signing day, he became a regular on the Rutgers campus to speak with the coaches.

Milewski said he will also attend as many spring practices as possible.

"(Schiano) said I could meet with (linebackers) coach (Bob) Fraser to learn the defenses better,'' Milewski said. "The hardest thing for me right now is going to be learning the terminology. It's going to be all right because we ran the 4-3 cover-2 in high school. I understand the basics of it, where everyone is supposed to be aligned.

"I'm sure they run it different, but I know the basics. The terminology, I'll get it from repetition, and coach Fraser said we can watch film, so I can take advantage of that.''

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