Commit Fonti likes Rutgers flavor

Wayne Hills offensive lineman Chris Fonti took his official visit to Rutgers this weekend, and was impressed with the connection he made with many of the current Scarlet Knights. He got to hang out with several of them, and he talked about the experience. Also, there are questions whether Fonti will play tackle or guard at Rutgers, and he addresses whether that was worked out.

Of the many things that stood out to Rutgers commit and Wayne (N.J.) Hills High offensive tackle Chris Fonti during his official visit to his future school, it was the people he met.

From the current Scarlet Knights, to the coaching staff, to the other 12 recruits on campus, Fonti came away with a very good feeling of how folks mesh.

"I thought it went very well,'' he said. "Everyone I talked to said they loved Rutgers. All the players I met were great people. I can't wait to get there and play with them.''

The 6-foot-7, 325-pound Fonti was hosted by offensive lineman Mo Lange, and met several of Rutgers' other offensive linemen.

"I got to talk to a few of them, and they're all really cool guys,'' Fonti said. "I can't wait to hang out with them more and play football with them.''

One thing that did not get settled is whether Fonti will play tackle or guard. He said that wasn't decided during a meeting with offensive line coach Kyle Flood, but they did talk about Fonti attending as many spring practices as possible.

"I'm going to get there a few times,'' Fonti said. "We were just talking about how I weighed in at 325, and I need to lose some weight and basically just get ready for camp. I need to keep running. He said to lose 20 (pounds) so I come in at 305.''

While the Saturday trip to the ESPN Zone is always a highlight of the weekend, the ability to hang out with future teammates on Friday was also something Fonti enjoyed.

"We took tours everywhere and met with some academic people,'' he said. "We went to Mo's girlfriend's house and the whole field hockey team was there, so we hung out.''

One thing recruits always talk about during their visit to Rutgers is the ESPN Zone trip, which includes a dinner, and, in essence, a private game room, replete with television screens showing a handful of games.

But what makes it so memorable?

"Just hanging out with the players and having fun playing games,'' Fonti said. "You get to see what all the players are like. There are some great kids going there.''

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