Does Nelson still view Rutgers as a backup?

Earlier this month Gainesville (Fla.) High linebacker and Miami commit Kevin Nelson said he would visit Rutgers, but only as a backup plan in case something unexpected happened with the Hurricanes. Well, with his visit coming this weekend, Nelson gives an update of what is going on. Is Rutgers still a backup plan? Or does Rutgers have a legitimate shot to land him?

A few weeks ago Gainesville (Fla.) High middle linebacker and Miami commit Kevin Nelson described his visit to Rutgers as nothing more than a fallback plan in case things went south with the Hurricanes.

But as he prepares for that visit this week, Nelson said he is no longer viewing it as a fact-finding mission in case he needs a backup plan.

"I just want to take my visit and see how it is and go from there,'' the 6-foot-1, 215-pound Nelson said. "I don't really see it as a backup plan right now. I'm going to go and observe the facilities and the place and see how everything is, and ya' know, who knows?''

Nelson's different outlook comes after his official visit to Miami last weekend, a trip in which he had a good time and was able to bond with members of the program.

He also talked about what stood out the most.

"Just the whole family atmosphere,'' Nelson said. "Everyone is cool and excited about this upcoming season. The recruits, the coaches, the facilities, the type of players are all great.''

And, being from Gainesville but visiting Miami brought some light-hearted teasing.

"They always talk about being Gator bait, and stuff like that,'' he said.

The trip to New Jersey will be his first. He said the furthest north he has traveled is Baltimore, and he is anxious to see the environment.

"I took my first official visit, and now I want to see how I feel about the whole trip to Rutgers,'' Nelson said. "I have a couple of days to think about it. Who knows? I want a chance to see the place, the city, the players, the facilities and see how everything is.''

Nelson said he will decide on his college future after returning from Rutgers.

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