Schiano's take on each new Scarlet Knight

Who could see playing time as a true freshman? What players have the speed Rutgers craves? Where will Rashad Knight play? And how does J.T. Tartacoff and Jordan Thomas fit into the equation? Well, Scarlet Knights coach Greg Schiano gave he thoughts on every player in the 2010 class, as well as transfer Matt McBride from Hofstra.

Rutgers coach Greg Schiano held a press conference to speak about the 24 players the Scarlet Knights signed to binding National Letters of Intent, as well as a transfer from Hofstra who enrolled in January.

OL Taj Alexander, Downingtown East High, Exton, Pa.
Schiano says: "Taj is a very big physical, defensive lineman. He really came on as a junior. We saw some junior tape and really liked him, and made a huge jump early in his senior year. He's been voted to the Big 33 all-star game.''

LB Sam Bergen, East Stroudsburg (Pa.) High
Schiano says: Linebacker/fullback-type guy. Can do it all. Very good athlete. Runs very well. Great instincts. Has played on winning football teams his whole career and is guy that is really a player that a coach really needs out there. The guy is really a football savvy guy.''

OL Betim Bujari, Secaucus (N.J.) High
Schiano says: "He's on campus and already training with the team. He was the first guy to commit. Never visited anywhere, never wavered. That kind of loyalty says a lot about him as a young man. A tremendous football player. Big, strong, already college sized. He has an opportunity to come in here hopefully compete for some playing time.''

WR Brandon Coleman, Bishop McNamara High, Forestville, Md.
Schiano says: "Brandon is a tremendous athlete. He's 6-foot-6, 215-pound guy. Great basketball player, great football player. Most importantly, a great person. Really thrilled to have him joining us.''

WR Jeremy Deering, Leto High, Tampa, Fla.
Schiano says: "Jeremy's another tremendous athlete. Jeremy did it all for his high school team; quarterback, wide out, running back and he's going to do a lot of that for us. He's going to play wide receiver, he's capable of doing all the Wildcat stuff and really a tremendous athlete."

QB Chas Dodd, Byrnes High, Duncan, S.C.
Schiano says: "Just a tremendous, tremendous quarterback. He's got a big, big arm. For a guy that's just about 6-foot, I can tell you, when I saw him come to camp, I said, ‘Well, let's look at this kid.' And the first throw he made, I said, ‘Whoa!' He has got a big, strong arm. Very headsy football player."

OL Chris Fonti, Wayne (N.J.) Hills High
Schiano says: "Really, a big athlete. Plays on the basketball team and I look forward to (offensive line) coach (Kyle) Flood and (strength) coach (Jay) Butler getting their hands on him because he has all the skills to be a great player.''

OL Rob Forst, Manasquan (N.J.) High
Schiano says: "Tremendous football player. Really, a fine wrestler as well. Started playing football in his sophomore year of high school. Very smart, headsy football player.''

CB Gareef Glashen, Carol City High, Miami, Fla.
Schiano says: "Gareef is really a very, very talented cornerback. He can really do a lot of things, but he can run. There's a lot of speed in this class, and Gareef is right there at the top. We'll start him at cornerback. A very, very talented guy. Change of direction. He'll hit you, and he's shown that on tape.''

RB Jawan Jamison, The Bolles School, Jacksonville, Fla.
Schiano says: "He's a squattier-type guy, very powerful. Breaks a lot of tackles, very fast. Is a proven winner and a guy that I think has a bright, bright future."

WR Tejay Johnson, Egg Harbor Township (N.J.) High
Schiano says: "Talk about speed/? He's the fastest kid in the state of New Jersey, as a junior. Just lightning fast. I went to watch his basketball game the other night. Tremendous athlete. Can jump out of the gym, and a great kid.''

DT Kenneth Kirksey, Mainland High, Daytona Beach, Fla.
Schiano says: "What a powerful, explosive guy he is. He's a very athletic guy. We list him as 6-1, 290. If you watch his high school type, he lines up at linebacker at times, he lines up off the edge and he also lines up at nose guard, tackle. He is a powerful, powerfully guy and an explosive football player.''

DB Rashad Knight, Trinity Christian Academic, Jacksonville, Fla.
Schiano says: "We're going to play him at cornerback. Electric-type guy on defense. A big hitter, speed guy. Great cover guy. Everything you look for in a corner. He can be a corner or safety, but I'll always start them at corner and if they can do it there we leave it there because those are the hardest guys to find.''

OL Matt McBride, Hofstra University transfer
Schiano says: "He brings a maturity and he understands college football and college life. He's a guy we're counting on to come in and compete and be in the depth of our offensive line.''

DE Djwany Mera, South Broward, Hollywood, Fla.
Schiano says: "Long, rangy, 6-foot-4, 230-235 pound defensive end, who is a tremendous wrestler. We like that, the ability to bend, hand-eye coordination, foot movement, all those kinds of things. He's a very aggressive guy. For a man his size, just moves so well, both straight line and a change of direction.''

LB David Milewski, Sayreville High, Parlin, N.J.
Schiano says: "Really a good looking player. He's 6-foot-4. We haven't had those tall, rangy linebackers in the past, and he's one of them. He's not a guy that we're looking to move anywhere. Great linebacker, great instincts, great vision and great leadership, and a very, very bright guy.''

LB Fred Overstreet, Jefferson High, Tampa, Fla.
Schiano says: "If you watch his tape, an incredibly productive guy. He's 6-1, 218-pound guy that will probably end up being a 230-pound linebacker. Runs exceptionally well. Really a great, quiet guy, who just speak with his actions on the field.''

OL Frank Quartucci, Hamilton (N.J.) West
Schiano says: "He started school in January and he's going to classes. When Frank committed to me, he was in my office, and I went and gave him my spiel to get him all psyched up and ready to come to Rutgers, and Frank sat up on the edge of the couch and said, ‘Coach, I appreciate all that, but I've dreamt of coming to Rutgers since I was a little kid.'
"That was the first player in the history of my career that said that, and I tell you, it sent chills up my spine.''

WR J.T. Tartacoff, Montgomery High, Skillman, N.J.
Schiano says: "J.T. is a lightning-fast guy. He's an incredibly loyal guy, great family. Where are we gonna play him? We can play him at wide out, we'll play him in slot, do different things in the return game. He's a very fast, athletic player. Very bright guy.''

WR Jordan Thomas, Union Endicott (N.Y.) High
Schiano says: "Just a tremendous young person. He can fly. He was one of the finest players in New York, voted all that stuff. I don't know what that means, but I know when I turn the tape on, he's a great player. He's going to be a very productive player. Where? I'm not sure. Moving him around, returner.''

LB Marcus Thompson, Boyd Anderson High, Lauderdale Lakes, Fla.
Schiano says: "He was playing middle linebacker in a 7-on-7 (during a camp) …and this kid was the spitting image of Derrick Brooks. When he opened his hips and ran, I said, ‘What in the heck.' ''

RB Casey Turner, Edward H. White, Jacksonville, Fla.
Schiano says: "Very exciting guy. Very muscular guy and can fly. You watch his tape, two guys are closing in on him from the side and he just runs right through the middle of them and doesn't even have to break a tackle because he has such acceleration, they bump into each other.''

OL Jorge Vicioso, Passaic (N.J.) High
Schiano says: "Big, tall guy, 6-foot-6, great wrestler. County champ up there in Passaic County. He's going to be an excellent offensive lineman. There's some kids you look at when you have them in camp, and you can say, ‘They just got it.' This guy's got it. He's going to have the opportunity to be a left tackle, which tells you his athletic ability.''

S Lorenzo Waters, DeMatha Catholic, Hyattsville, Md.
Schiano says: "Lorenzo is a great safety. He reminds me a lot of the guy we've got playing back there right now, No. 26, in Joe (Lefeged). Very similar looking athletes in high school. Very excited to get a DeMatha guy back at Rutgers.''

WR Jawaun Wynn, Piscataway (N.J.) High
Schiano says: "He looks like he could have walked out of Giants training camp. He is a guy that can fly, flat out. We timed him. He's very big, very fast, very explosive. He's got all the physical tools and he's a very bright guy.''

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