Pennsy OL/DL Waiting for Written Offer

Brandon Clemons, a 6-foot-4, 260-pound two-way lineman from Delaware Valley High (Milford, Pa.) holds written offers from three Big East schools. He said he holds a verbal offer from Rutgers, and has been to the campus on several occassions. Clemons tells which program he is most familiar with, and why. He also talks about a time frame for making a decision.

The school work and commitment to basketball is taking much of Brandon Clemons' time, so his football recruitment is on the back burner.

But Clemons, a two-way lineman from Delaware Valley High (Milford, Pa.), is still getting plenty of interest. He holds written offers from West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Connecticut, and said he was told by Rutgers he was getting an offer.

"I got verbal offers from Temple and Rutgers,'' Clemons said. "Right now the school I'm most familiar with is Pittsburgh, but I'm not sure where I'm going to go. That is the one campus I really got a chance to look at and meet all the coaches. It was really nice, and they were the first to offer me.''

Clemons, who is 6-foot-4, 260 pounds, attended a pair of Rutgers games last season, and saw both ends of the weather spectrum.

He was at the season-opening loss to Cincinnati, and was at the snowy season finale against West Virginia. Clemons was also invited to Rutgers' junior day, but did not attend because he had a basketball game.

Clemons does speak with members of the Rutgers coaching staff, but he is yet to ask when his written offer was being sent.

"We just talk about general stuff,'' he said. "I really didn't bring it up. I'll probably give the coach a call soon.''

Clemons is also hearing from a number of other schools, including Penn State, but he is yet to sit down and begin settling on things.

"I have to open my mail and check my email,'' Clemons said. "I've been so tight with school and stuff, I haven't had a chance to look at any of that stuff.''

Once Clemons sorts through his correspondences, a decision on which position he is going to play in college may have to be made.

"I don't know what some schools are going to do,'' Clemons said. "UConn offered me as a defensive end. I'm not sure what Pittsburgh is going to do because they offered me a scholarship after an offensive session.

"I like (playing) both positions. On defense, I like going after the ball. Then, on offense, I like burying people.''

Another thing on Clemons' to-do list is to trip to the schools that interest him, but he hasn't made a spring schedule to visit those campuses. And that could alter his time frame to make a decision.

"I would really like to make a decision before my senior year,'' he said, "but I'm not sure that is going to happen.''

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