Pittsburgh manhandles Rutgers 86 - 65

In yet another embarrassing loss, Rutgers was wildly outclassed by the number 9 Pitt Panthers. The Knights were lucky to break double figures in the first half. Jerome Coleman had zero points in the game on 0 for 12 shooting.

 How many ways can you spell "horrific". I don't know but certainly not as many ways as the Scarlet Knights demonstrated the meaning of that word tonight in Pittsburgh.

Yes, Pittsburgh plays and played great "D", but that doesn't explain how open Rutgers players pass the ball out of bounds or pass it right to Pitt players.


Add to that the usual atrocious foul shooting, getting boxed out underneath the basket and being embarrassed on defense and you have Rutgers performance in a game that wasn't even remotely close to the final 21 point margin of defeat.


Yes, there were a few. Calvin Wooten found the range on his three point shot and poured in 21 points in all. Herve Lamizana continues to display the awesome athletic ability which may one day make him the Big East's top player and the Knights as a whole never gave up in the game.

But other than that, this was yet another game that will have people questioning Gary Waters ability to compete in the Big East.


PITTSBURGH (AP) -- Pittsburgh, the Big East's top defensive team, held Rutgers, the conference's worst offensive team, to 14 points in the first half and the No. 9 Panthers cruised to an 86-65 victory Saturday night.
Pittsburgh defeats Rutgers

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