North Jersey OL Holds Five Offers

Rutgers became involved with Union Hill (Union City, N.J.) offensive lineman Josue Matias early in the process, and offered him in the fall. He is one of the state's top offensive linemen in the state, but his recruitment may not be as high-profile as one might expect. Matias gives some insight into why that is the case.

One of the top offensive lineman in New Jersey's class of 2011 is Josue Matias of Union Hill (Union City) High, but his recruitment may not mirror his talent level.

Matias, who was offered by Rutgers in the fall, also holds offers from Purdue, Connecticut, East Carolina and Maryland, and he is getting interest from Penn State, Pittsburgh and Georgia.

But he is not going to make a name for himself on camp and combine circuit because he doesn't plan on going to any so he can focus on his senior season.

"Last year we had a 3-7 record, and people were focusing on college and that was part of it,'' Matias said. "So this year we just want to win. Sometimes we were on the same page, and sometimes we weren't, so we're going to work on that.''

The 6-foot-5, 289-pound Matias has been to Rutgers and Maryland to see the campus, and he attended a football game at UConn but didn't make it to the campus. He gave quick impressions of all three schools.

"Rutgers is staying home,'' he said. "Everybody is cool over there. I have a good feel with Rutgers. Maryland, it looks like a lot of fun over there. And Connecticut told me it is a great college and I'll fit right in. It's big, beautiful. I think I'm going to have to try and get up there.''

The Scarlet Knights were Matias' first offer, and he is still surprised it came so early in the process.

"I remember walking in the locker room (after a game) and coach said to me, ‘You have an offer,' '' Matias said. "I was like, ‘Oh, ok.' I thought I was going to get some offers, but I think we lost that game and I was mad, and then coach said I had an offer and I was like, ‘Whoa.' ‘'

Matias is flattered about the attention he is receiver, but isn't the type of player who will be easily swayed by sweet talk and flashiness. He likely will play guard in college, but he could play tackle.

"They haven't really talked about a position, but they say I could start right away,'' Matias said. "They tell you what you want to hear. …I think I could play pretty early. If something is going wrong, I like to work on it a lot.''

Still, Matias is having a good time with the process.

"I don't have a leader yet,'' he said. "I'm just enjoying it right now. I'm enjoying everybody recruiting me, and they're telling me I'm good. It's nice to hear.''

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