Rutgers Pro Day Recap

Rutgers held its annual Pro Day, and while there was some disappointment early on that Anthony Davis wouldn't participate, that quickly became a sidelight as approximately 20 former Scarlet Knights worked out in front of NFL scouts. Perhaps no player helped himself more than Damaso Munoz, and find out why. Also, how did Tim Brown run? What position are teams looking at Ryan D'Imperio at?

PISCATAWAY -- Rutgers Pro Day was once an oxy-moron, but such is no longer the case.
The professional hopefuls got their chances to test in front of pro scouts from nearly every NFL -- the CFL was also represented -- during the day-long event at Rutgers, most of which took place inside the bustling Bubble.

The biggest news of the day was projected first-round draft pick Anthony Davis did not participate because of a strained hamstring, and was not in attendance.

And there were plenty familiar faces as dozens of the current and former Scarlet Knights attended the event, including Ray Rice, Brian Leonard, Courtney Greene, Brandon Renkart, Jason McCourty, Jeremy Zuttah, Jamal Westerman, Mike Fladell, William Beckford and Devraun Thompson.

Here are some highlights of some of the 19 players who participated:

Damaso Munoz
Perhaps no one helped himself on the day more than Damaso Munoz, who is being evaluated as a linebacker who can also play safety.

Munoz measured in at 5-foot-10 ½ inches, and 221 pounds, but still ran well. His two 40 times were nearly identical as he clocked in at 4.49 and 4.50 seconds, and he repped the 225-pound bench press 25 times.

Munoz said he spoke with the reps from the Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

He also has workouts with the Bears and New York Jets scheduled.

Tim Brown
Scouts gathered round the finish line to watch the speedy receiver run the 40, but his times of 4.52 and 4.44 seconds were slower than anticipated.

Afterward, Brown said he was still feeling the effects of the left ankle sprain he suffered in November, and was going to meet with medical personnel after an x-ray showed some irregularities.

Brown measured at 5-6 ¾, 151 pounds. He said will work out again for teams in Miami.

Ryan D'Imperio
The linebacker is drawing the most interest as a fullback. He went through defensive drills, then ran some routes and caught passes after some teams asked him to work out as a fullback.

He said he has workouts scheduled with the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers. He said feedback from the scouts centered on the need for improved footwork.

Devin McCourty
The cornerback only did position drills, but he showed his good footwork and agility. He said he will work out for teams beginning next week, but he didn't know which teams yet.

George Johnson
The defensive end showed his athleticism by also doing some linebacker drills, and dropping into coverage during passing drills.

Johnson did 29 reps in the bench press and his vertical was 31 inches. He also ran a 4.82 and a 4.83 in the 40-yard dash.

Kevin Haslam
He said he was disappointed with the way the day started, which included a 5.63 time in the 40-yard dash, but was pleased with how he finished.

Haslam's strength was during position drills, where he was able to show his ability to bend and his athleticism.

Pat Brown
Yes, he's a walk-on who doesn't factor into the pro game, but his 36 ½ inch vertical leap was the best of the day. His broad jump of 10 feet, nine inches was also the best.

Ryan Blaszczyk
He wanted to show off strength and did so with a pro day best 31 reps in the bench press.

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