Rutgers Offers DE/TE from Central Florida

Rutgers' heavy saturation of Florida continues, and one recipient is a defensive end/tight end from the central portion of the state. The player has gone under the radar so far in recruiting, with Rutgers being one of three schools to offer him a scholarship. But does he want to leave the Sunshine State? What are his thoughts on the Scarlet Knights? And does he want to visit Piscataway, N.J.?

Deion Green of Edgewater High (Orlando, Fla.) slipped under the radar throughout his junior year and during the early evaluation period of 2010, but Rutgers' connections in Florida helped the Scarlet Knights get on him quickly.

Green, a 6-foot-3, 220-pound defensive end and tight end, picked up an offer from Rutgers this week to go along with the one he had from Florida International. His coach, Bill Gierke, said Northwestern also offered recently.

"I spent some time talking to the (Rutgers) coaching staff this week and I really like them,'' Green said. "I'm going to call the coach and see if I can get up there and check the place out. I hear it is a really nice campus.''

Rutgers learned about Green because of its dogged recruiting of Florida, and because head coach Greg Schiano developed a relationship with Edgewater coach Bill Gierke when Schiano was an assistant at Miami.

"He knows about (Rutgers) after he talked to them (Wednesday),'' Gierke said. "He's planning on making a visit. I think it will be over the summer.''

Miami, Nebraska, Illinois, Mississippi, Duke and Purdue are also pursuing Green, but he admits the out-of-state schools have an advantage.

"I really want to leave Florida, if it's at all possible,'' he said. "I'm trying to explore something new.''

Green made his mark as a junior playing on defense, but he added tight end to his repertoire as a junior. By the end of the season he began embracing the position.

He had four touchdowns catches, also improved his blocking as the season progressed, partly because he began understanding the position better.

"I really like (tight end),'' Green said. "I just scratched the surface playing there. I feel like I can go far playing tight end. I like defense, too, so I could play there.

"I feel like I'm more athletic than a lot of the people who would be covering me. I really didn't care for tight end that much, and this isn't the best thing to say, but when I had success, it started to open my eyes.''

However, the contact many schools are having with Green center around him playing either defensive end or linebacker.

"Deion is the type of kid that could play multiple positions,'' Gierke said. "He runs extremely well. He's a very athletic kid. For me, he plays (defensive end), he plays linebacker, he plays tight end, he plays wide receiver.

"It wouldn't surprise me if the young man makes a decision pretty quick here. He's not a flamboyant, ‘Me' type of kid. I think if he finds what he's looking for, I think he'll make a decision pretty quick.''

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