Pennsy DT gets Written Rutgers Offer

The 6-foot-4, 260-pound defensive tackle received his written offer from Rutgers within the last week, and he talked about the meaning of it. While he favors another Big East school, the player discusses whether the Scarlet Knights can move to the forefront. He also outlines his summer visit plans, and divulges a connection he has to the Rutgers campus.

Delaware Valley (Milford, Pa.) defensive tackle Brandon Clemons continues to favor Pittsburgh, but after receiving his written offer from Rutgers within the last week, he is excited about the Scarlet Knights.

Part of the reason is the energy in which the Scarlet Knights are recruiting him, and also because of familiarity with the campus. Clemons' aunt lives in New Brunswick.

The 6-foot-4, 260-pound Clemons also holds written offers from Pittsburgh, Connecticut, West Virginia, Maryland, Temple and Boston College, and is receiving interest from Penn State and Duke.

"I like (the written offer) because Rutgers is the closest school, actually, out of all of them. I like he campus, also. It's a small school, but it's still a pretty good school.''

Clemons said he lists Pittsburgh first for a variety of reasons.

"They were the first ones to offer me,'' he said. "Coach (Dave) Wannstedt came to the school. I'm close to coach (Tony) Wise, the offensive line coach there. I call him once every few weeks.''

However, Scarlet Knights assistant coach (Bob Fraser) has been a frequent visitor to the Delaware Valley campus.

"He came by the school a few times and saw me during basketball practice,'' Clemons said. "I think of all the coaches, he came be the school the most.''

Clemons considers himself wide open in the recruiting process, and acknowledged a lot of factors in his recruitment will be answered until when he visits campuses in the spring and summer.

His plan is to visit each of the schools to extend written offers, as well as Penn State and Duke.

"Penn State wants to get me out there,'' he said. "I talked to (assistant) coach (Dick) Anderson and they want to get to know me more before they offer me.''

Clemons' goal is to get all his visits out of the way before his senior season, then make a decision.

"I think the sooner would be the better,'' he said. "It would be a monkey off my shoulders a little bit and things would calm down.''

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