When will Page commit?

Rutgers has been recruiting Al Page from Christopher Columbus (Bronx, N.Y.) for a while now, and the defensive tackle is feelin' the Scarlet Knights. A few weeks ago he told ScarletReport.com he was close to committing to Rutgers, and in the time that passed he talks about how his feelig for the program changed. What is Page thinking now? And what is the timeline for him makign a committment?

The only drama seemingly left in Al Page's recruitment is when the defensive tackle from Christopher Columbus High (Bronx) will actually commit to Rutgers.

The 6-foot-2, 290-pound Page even says it will happen, but first he will visit a few other schools at the recommendation of his high school coach, and a few close friends and family members. In the end, though, does Page see himself committing to Rutgers?

"I do,'' he said.

A few weeks ago Page said Rutgers was, by far, his leader. Since then Page's feeling about the Scarlet Knights changed …for the better.

"It got better, actually. I love Rutgers,'' Page said. "I've been talking to the coaches, and a lot of the players, and I ask them how the coaches treat them because they treat me excellent, they recruit me great. The players (say) the way they recruit you is the way they treat you, so I really like Rutgers.

"My family likes Rutgers. My mom hasn't been down to Rutgers, but she really likes the way Rutgers is opening their arms to me, and stuff like that. Rutgers is a guest in this house, but I want to make visits to other schools before I commit to Rutgers.''

Those visits are coming soon.

Page will be at Maryland on March 27, and he will go to Penn State on April 10. And somewhere during the spring practice calendar, Page will visit Rutgers.

He holds offers from the Scarlet Knights, Maryland and Syracuse, and Miami and Marshall increased their recruiting lately. His coach also sent tape to West Virginia.

"I think interest has picked up for me lately,'' Page said. "Penn State said they're going to offer me pretty soon. The only school I've visited is Rutgers …so I don't want to choose one school without giving other schools a chance.''

However, Page doesn't fashion himself as a person who will travel far for college, even if some of the traditional southern powers begin showing interest in him.

"I don't want to go too far and get home sick,'' Page said. "Rutgers is far, but it's not that far, and the environment is great for me. I love the environment. I don't plan on going real far.

"If Florida comes and offers me, that would be nice, but I don't think I'll go all the way down to Florida. Or, if Alabama comes around … I don't think I'm going to Alabama. I'm going to stay close by.''

Even Page's family seems to be on board Rutgers.

He often speaks with his parents about the situation, and the answer is always the same.

"My dad tells me I need to sign right now,'' Page said. "He loves Rutgers. He wants me to commit now.''

On the field, Page has the ability to be a dominant player in the middle of the defense.

He combines quickness and strength, but may have been overlooked early in the recruiting process for a number of reasons, including Christopher Columbus' 0-9 mark in the fall.

"I can play defensive tackle as well, but I think I'm real good at nose (tackle),'' Page said. "I'm real good with the snap count. I can jump the snap count, and I'm good off the ball, and I bring a lot of pressure, and I'm always getting triple-teamed a lot. I stay nice and low.''

Strength is also a factor, and Page possesses it. He recently hit 405 pounds on his bench press.

"I'm crazy in the weight room,'' Page said. "I love the weights. I work out like a body builder. I just love body builders and how they work out. I use their method in the weight room, but I also stretch out so I can stay flexible.''

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