CB Jarrett Learns How to Earn Rutgers Offer

East Stroudsburg (Pa.) High four-star cornerback Kyshoen Jarrett holds 10 offers, but he always wondered why Rutgers is yet to extend him one. During an unofficial visit to see the Scarlet Knights practice Wednesday, Jarrett learend what he must do to get the coveted offer. Jarrett explains what coach Greg Schiano told him, and whether he understands Rutgers' point of view on the matter.

An ongoing question in the recruitment of four-star cornerback Kyshoen Jarrett of East Stroudsburg (Pa.) High was why Rutgers had not extended a scholarship offer.

Jarrett, who holds 10 offers and always liked the Scarlet Knights, got his answer during an unofficial visit Wednesday when he spoke with coach Greg Schiano.

"He just told me the truth and said they want me to run a faster 40-time for them,'' said Jarrett, who ran in the 4.8 range at Rutgers last summer. "When I went out to their camp, my 40-time was unexpected. The last time I ran one, I ran a 4.56. My game speed is definitely different, so if you watch on film, you think, ‘Oh, this kid is fast.'

"But if you get a different hand time, you kind of shy away, and that's basically what's been happening. So they want me to run a faster 40 time for them, and once I do that, I guess things will be more on a positive side.''

In order to do that, though, Jarrett will have to camp at Rutgers again, which he plans on doing.

In fact, earning an offer from the Scarlet Knights is important to the 5-foot-10 ¾, 180-pounder.

"That's my goal now, to get that Rutgers offer, to go to their camp and run a fast 40 time and give them something they're looking for,'' Jarrett said. "I definitely understand where they're coming from. They don't want a defensive back who runs a 4.8 going against receiver who runs a 4.4 because catch-up speed and having a step off isn't going to help you going against him.''

Jarrett holds written offers from Akron, Temple, Connecticut, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, Virginia and Maryland.

He attended the Rutgers practice with former East Stroudsburg linebacker and Rutgers signee Sam Bergen, and he said it has helped his relationship with the Scarlet Knights to learn why an offer was not extended.

"I was wondering why they haven't offered me when everybody else has,'' Jarrett said. "They've been talking to me for a couple of weeks and they found I'm a good fit for their program, they like my personality, but I guess Schiano is trying to pick the right people for his team because he has built that program up so well.

"You can definitely see how he built that program up, and you definitely know he's not leaving any time soon.''

Jarrett had already been to Rutgers several times, including attending the 2009 season opener against Cincinnati.

And each time he came away with impressed by his conversations with Schiano.

"Usually, you can tell when a coach is (lying) to you,'' Jarrett said. "You talk to Schiano face-to-face, and you know he's not (lying) to you because he's looking at you, right in your eyes from the time you start speaking to the time you finish speaking.

"You could tell his compassion, and how honest he is about what he's saying. When you get that from a coach, you're like, ‘ok, maybe this is the place for me.' ‘'

Jarrett's spring tour is just beginning. He is hoping to visit Connecticut, Virginia, Pittsburg and Michigan, but could make a return to the Garden State.

"I might go back to Rutgers,'' Jarrett said. "They want to see me again.''

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