Notes: Savage's Curiosity and more

Rutgers will holds its first scrimmage of spring practice Saturday, and quarterback Tom Savage discusses what he hopes to see, and what he is anxious to see in the 100-play exhibition. Also, Savage gives his thoughts on signed quarterback Chas Dodd attending practice last week, and there was also a hot quarterback prospect on campus to take in practice.

Rutgers quarterback Tom Savage is interested on many levels for Saturday's 100-play scrimmage, mostly because he wants a better gauge on his development and that of his inexperience receiving corps.

Spring practice is going well for Savage and his receivers, but it is much different instead Rutgers Stadium when the coaches aren't at their beckon call.

"I'm curious to see how much the game really slowed down for me during live play like that,'' Savage said. "I'm curious to see the young receivers get the experience of a game situation, the different coverages and stuff. It's a lot different than practicing with the coaches out there telling you what to do.

"I'm curious to see what the younger guys are going to do with us. It should be fun. I think they're really coming along.''

In discussing personal goals for the scrimmage, Savage frequently used "consistency" to describe what he was striving to achieve.

And it was why he spent a moment after practice beating himself up over an interception thrown near the goal line during a two-minute offense drill.

"It was a dumb decision on my part,'' he said. "I should have thrown it out of the back of the end zone, but I'm glad it happened in practice.''

Savage helping Dodd
Last week Rutgers signee Chas Dodd of Byrnes High (Duncan, S.C.) was on spring break so he spent the week at practice, talking with the coaching staff, learning some of the offense and speaking with Savage.

"He's excited to come here and I'm excited for him to get here,'' Savage said. "We went through plays. When we were out there, he would sit right behind (the quarterbacks) and I would tell him what's going on, and where we're going next. It's a little bit different out there.

When I got here I was nervous. I didn't know where to go. I think it eases his mind a little bit. You just have to stay calm out there and know where you're going.''

Scary moment
Rutgers walk-on receiver Phil Lewis was taken via ambulance to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a left arm injury sustained in a non-contact drill in practice.

Lewis, a red-shirt freshman, was down on the field for awhile, during which time coach Greg Schiano came over to speak with him and offer words of encouragement.

"It's pretty serious,'' Schiano said. "He's in pain. It was that kind of injury. Just trying to keep his head up.''

Recruit watch
Gonzaga High (Washington, D.C.) quarterback Kevin Hogan, who holds offers from Virginia, Rutgers, Maryland and Boston College, spent the day on campus, watching practice and meeting with the football staff.

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