Four-star OT Discusses Trip to Rutgers

Four-star offensive tackle Donovan Smith holds double digit offers, and for the second time in two months he made the trek from his home in Maryland to the Rutgers campus. The 6-foot-7, 275-pounder from Owings Mills High took an unoffcial visit Saturday to watching a scrimmage, meet with the coaching staff and talk to some of the players. But did Smith see enough to remain interested in Rutgers?

Four-star offensive tackle Donovan Smith of Owings Mills (Md.) High visited Rutgers unofficially Saturday in hopes of developing his relationships with the coaching staff while getting to know the players better.

With a two-and-a-half hour scrimmage mixed into the middle of the day, Smith got the informational overload he desired.

"It was great. I had a lot of fun,'' the 6-foot7, 275-pound Smith said. "It was a nice, long scrimmage. A lot of people got a lot of reps, so I enjoy that a lot. (Smith enjoyed) just looking at how the coaches coach, and the fun of watching football.''

"I spoke to (offensive line) coach (Kyle) Flood. Sat down with him and talked. Spoke to coach (Greg) Schiano, hung out with some players, got a little better feel for things.''

Smith, who was offered by Rutgers in February, got a full tour of the campus and facilities during a visit two months ago. He holds double-digit offers, and it bodes well he wanted to visit Rutgers for a second time in a short time frame, and a third visit could be on the way.

"It's definitely a school I want to learn more about,'' said Smith, who offered insight as to what he discussed with Schiano. "Basically, he told me about Rutgers, and how I should really approach the recruiting process, and how I should look at things.

"He gave me some questions to ask the players, and coach Flood and (director of player personnel) Tariq Ahmad, he gave me some questions to ask to find out about their program.''

Another step in the process is building a stronger relationship with Flood. Most of Smith's contact with Rutgers has come through Ahmad, but after the latest face-to-face meeting with Flood, he plans on speaking more frequently to him.

Smith already visited West Virginia, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Penn State and Maryland, and "will try to get up and see Connecticut.'' Each of those schools offered, but Smith is only in the beginning stages of looking at his choices, and discussing depth charts and roles with college coaches is in the future.

"I'll probably start talking about that in the start of fall, where they would actually fit me into the depth chart,'' Smith said. "Most of depth chart (work), and seeing who all the signees are, I do that myself whenever I have free time.''

As for the type of school Smith wants to attend, strong character within the program seems to be a necessity.

"I'm looking for a good family atmosphere, (and) the players have to be great to hang around with because basically I'm spending most of my time with them,'' Smith said. "(And) a nice coaching staff. I don't like when people shoot each other down.

"I'm looking for players to uplift you and stuff like that and good academics because the (NFL) is not promised to everybody. It's good to have a degree to fall back on.''

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