The Stock Report: Searching for a Coach

Welcome to The Stock Report, a feature that will update periodically during Rutgers' search for its next basketball head coach. has the names, and the ebb and flow on what is transpiring with the candidates. Check out their bios, what are the pros and cons, their coaching trees and much more in this unique, in-depth process breaking down the field, and offering the latest names.

Welcome to The Stock Report.
Rutgers is in the market for a new men's basketball coach, and we've got you covered.
Who is enjoying a bull market? And where are the bears? has you covered during this process with our stock report on the candidates.
We will be updating the list periodically, whenever there is movement in the process.
Now, get a look at our first Stock Report, and enjoy it:

Eddie Jordan
Age: 55
Record: 257-343
Employment: Recently fired by Philadelphia 76ers
Bio bytes: NBA head coach with Sacramento Kings, Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers. Former assistant at Rutgers and Boston College. Member of Rutgers 1976 Final Four team. Played eight years with four teams in the NBA.
Stock report: If athletic director Tim Pernetti wants to make a big splash with the hire, this is the one to do it. He is a former Rutgers star who played during the Golden Years of Rutgers basketball. He would represent the school well, and has a reputation for being an x's and o's guy.
He was an assistant coach when the New Jersey Nets went to the NBA Finals, and he received a lot of credit as the brains behind the game plans. His desire to run a Princeton-style offense could make Rutgers more competitive in the short term.
Whether Jordan wants to expend the energy to recruit is a question. As a seasoned NBA guy, does he want to sit in empty gyms at 9 p.m. on a summer night and watch a 16-year-old play basketball? His NBA record is 257-343, but there is a big difference between the pick n' roll NBA and the college game.
His $3 million per year buyout for the next two years also makes him attractively financially if Rutgers.
Stock status: Rising

Jeff Van Gundy
Age: 48
Record: 430-318
Employment: Broadcaster
Bio bytes: NBA head coach with New York Knicks and Houston Rockets. Assistant at Rutgers under Bob Wenzel. Assistant at Providence under Rick Pitino.
Stock report: He is a tremendous coach who understands the x's and o's, and his name recognition will bring instant credibility to the recruiting world. He is well-known in the New York-New Jersey area, is personable and a dogged worker.
That he cut his teeth at Rutgers and is familiar with the program is an asset, and if he needs to bounce things off someone, NBA commissioner David Stern is a nice place to start. Stern is a Rutgers graduate.
The problem, just on the surface, with Van Gundy is two-fold: First, does he want to go back to college and run a lower-rung Big East program? Can Rutgers afford him since he doesn't have buyout to fall back on?
Don't be surprised to hear Pernetti put a call into Van Gundy, but will it go any further?
Stock status: Respirator

Lawrence Frank
Age: 39
Record: 225-241
Employment: Recently fired by New Jersey Nets
Bio bytes: NBA head coach of New Jersey Nets. Assistant with NBA's Vancouver Grizzlies. Assistant at Tennessee and Marquette under now-USC coach Kevin O'Neill. Student manager for Bobby Knight at Indiana. Attended Teaneck (N.J.) High.
Stock report: This is intriguing because Frank has a very good basketball mind, is personable and could connect with recruits, knows New Jersey well and brings instant credibility into the homes of recruits because of his NBA head coaching stint.
Frank also brings the reputation of being a hard worker, and perhaps can be lured to the college game because so much more teaching takes place at the college level than in the NBA. He was fired from the Nets after an 0-16 start and has buyout money, which could help defray a larger salary at Rutgers for the first few years.
He is a coach on Rutgers' radar, but there are questions whether he wants to jump to the college game, and, if so, would he do it at Rutgers?
Stock status: lukewarm

Bobby Knight
Age: 70
Record: 902-371
Employment: ESPN analyst
Bio bytes: Head coach at Texas Tech for seven years. Head coach at Indiana, where he won three national titles. Head coach at Army.
Stock report: His credentials tell most of the story, although he is just as well known for his personality. At age 70, does he really want to get back into the grind of it? And at a school like Rutgers, which is a major rebuilding project?
There were whispers throughout Fred Hill's final season Knight was intrigued with the position, but there is a big difference between whispers and something actually happening.
If Knight was interested, he would likely vault to the top of the list given the instant credibility and visibility he would bring the program. It would also make Pernetti's fund-raising job to renovate the Rutgers Athletic Center much simpler.
Stock status: Respirator, at best.

Mike Rice
Age: 41
Record: 73-30
Employment: Head coach at Robert Morris
Bio bytes: Assistant coach at Pittsburgh under Jamie Dixon, at St. Joseph's under Phil Martelli and at Chicago State, Niagara, Marquette and Fordham. Played at Fordham.
Stock report: Rice is very successful at Robert Morris, where he is 73-30 in three seasons, and went to a pair of NCAA Tournaments. He is energetic and knows the Big East from his time at Pittsburgh. But moving from the Northeast Conference to the Big East isn't a small step.
Not many coaches rise from the NEC to prominence anywhere as a head coach, and moving into the toughest conference in the nation is a big step. And he will have no problem getting out of his contract, even with the one-year extension he just received, for a Big East school.
Through back channels and not-so-back channels, Rice has made it known he wants the job. So much so it could become a turnoff to Rutgers if he is continually pushed for it. But one has to wonder why Fordham wouldn't even give him a sniff for its vacant position this spring.
Rice may wind up being a nice backup plan if some of the higher profile candidates do not work out.
Stock status: Steady

Brian Gregory
Age: 43
Record: 150-80
Employment: Head coach at Dayton
Bio bytes:. Two stints as an assistant under Tom Izzo. Assistant at Toledo and under Bill Carmody at Northwestern. Played at Navy and Oakland.
Stock report: He is quietly running one of the best programs in the Atlantic 10, even if no one outside of Dayton is taking notice. The Flyers are the NIT champs, and have won 23, 27 and 25 games in the last three seasons.
Another strong coach when it comes to strategy and preparation, but recruiting to play at Dayton is much different than recruiting to play in the Big East. Gregory doesn't have strong recruiting ties to the Metropolitan area, and there is also the matter of exciting the fan base.
He has been to a pair of NCAA Tournaments, and may be on the edge of where he can take Dayton as a program. Is that enough? Or does he want to coach in one of the power conferences?
Stock status: Steady

Jim O'Brien
Age: 61
Record: 286-274
Employment: In the private sector
Bio bytes: Head coach at St. Bonaventure. Head coach at Boston College. Head coach at Ohio State
Stock report: O'Brien can coach, build programs and make Rutgers relevant immediately. He is from New York, has northeast roots and understands the recruiting game in the area.
But he was out of coaching for six years, has a track record for ugly departures for schools and there is also that matter of giving a recruit $6,000.
With the messy Fred Hill break-up sure to make Pernetti think twice, or three times, about a candidate with skeletons in the closet, does O'Brien really factor in? He would bring recognition and energy to the program, but will it also bring the kind of attention the Scarlet Knights want?
Stock status: Lukewarm and fading

Fran Fraschilla
Age: 51
Record: 176-99
Employment: ESPN analyst
Bio bytes: Head coach at Manhattan. Head coach at St. John's. Head coach at New Mexico.
Stock report: He knows New York City and the Metropolitan area and can coach. He took Manhattan to the second round of the NCAA Tournament and won 22 games in his second season at St. John's. He understands x's and o's, and is relevant to recruits because of his work on ESPN. He has been to three NCAAs and five NITs, and has a desire to get back into coaching.
But he hasn't been on the bench in eight years, and there has to be a reason so many other schools continue to pass on him. He was run out of St. John's after a 22-10 mark, and his time in New Mexico was not very good. His off-court behavior was a question, and he had the reputation for being theatrical on the sideline.
Like O'Brien, can Pernetti afford to hire Fraschilla?
Stock status: Lukewarm and fading

Fran Dunphy
Age: 61
Record: 394-212
Employment: Head coach at Temple
Bio bytes: Head coach at Pennsylvania.
Stock report: Dunphy is a strong game coach and understands strategy. He is a proven recruiter and has won at his two stops. He ran the dominant program in the Ivy League, and brought Temple back to relevance when he replaced legendary John Chaney. He has been to the NCAA Tournament 12 times, including each of the last three seasons. He finished lower than third place twice in his career.
There is also the fact he may want to give a BCS conference school a chance, and may have the opportunity to coach in the Big Ten if Rutgers moves there.
But, at his age, and with his ties to the Philadelphia area, does he want to move?
Stock status: Medium

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