Pa. RB/LB: "'s between Rutgers and Duke"

He is a talented, powerful player from Pennsylvania who was offered by Rutgers last month. The running back/linebacker acknowledges a favorite, and added "Right now it's between Rutgers and Duke." But other schools are jumping into the fray to recruit him, and he is heading to Penn State this weekend to check out the spring game. Find out the latest happenings with this player by going inside.

Brandon Cottom of Council Rock North (Newtown, Pa.) was caught in a schedule crunch this spring, which is keeping him from making a visit to Rutgers to watch a spring practice.

However, it isn't keeping the 6-foot-2, 222-pound linebacker/running back from continuing to hold Rutgers in high regard.

Upon receiving an offer six weeks ago he said Rutgers was his leader, and he acknowledged the Scarlet Knights still occupy that position on his perch. But with offers from the Scarlet Knights, Duke and Syracuse, and a weekend trip to Penn State looming, it is not a foregone conclusion Cottom will wind up at Rutgers.

"Right now it's between Rutgers and Duke,'' Cottom said. "I like both of the programs, and I think Duke is a really good school. But I like the way Rutgers has its actual program all set up. Rutgers is a good school, too.''

Rutgers' facilities, the academic support system and the close-knit atmosphere within the program all stand out to Cottom. And although he hasn't made the trip up to see a spring practice, it doesn't mean he is not talking to the coaches.

"I stay in contact with the coaches,'' Cottom said. "I wanted to (attend a practice), but I don't know if I'm going to get a chance because I was planning on going to Penn State's spring game on Saturday, and then Rutgers' is the same day. But I already told Penn State I was coming.''

Cottom said there was an outside chance he would attend Thursday's practice, but as of this morning he was not scheduled to go.

And while he is listing Duke and Rutgers as his leaders, others schools are getting involved in his recruitment.

"I've been hearing from Purdue, Vanderbilt, a little bit from Stanford and Minnesota,'' Cottom said. "Purdue is talking about getting me up there. I know I'm talking to the Vanderbilt coach next week.''

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