Is Rutgers Still on Kroft's Radar?

Rutgers was one of Tyler Kroft's first offers, and the Downingtown East (Exton, Pa.) tight end said he had high interest in the Scarlet Knights. A busy lacross schedule kept his visits down to one in the spring, and that was to Northwestern. Does that mean Kroft isn't as high on Rutgers as he used to be? Find out what he had to say about his recruitment and his summer visit schedule.

When Downingtown East (Exton, Pa.) tight end Tyler Kroft made a last-minute change in plans and traveled to Northwestern for an unofficial visit rather than Rutgers, it gave the impression he wasn't interested in the Scarlet Knights.

However, in discussing it Tuesday night, the 6-foot-6, 220-pound Kroft said the Scarlet Knights remain among his choices, and he will be on campus in the summer to learn more about the program.

"They're still up there on my list,'' said Kroft, who visited on Junior Day. "I definitely want to go back and see Rutgers. I want to visit everybody. It's just trying to find time in the lacrosse schedule.''

But lacrosse may not conclude for another month, or longer, depending how far Cougars go in the playoffs.

He went to Northwestern's spring game because it was it presented a unique opportunity for him to visit the campus for the first time, and it fit into his schedule.

"My coach (Mike Matta) thought that it would be the right fit,'' Kroft said. "It was their spring game, so he wanted me to go there and meet the coaches, meet all the players, just to see how I liked it. It just kind of seemed right because it was the spring game, and all that. It's real nice up there. I like the people.

"They're all real nice, very welcoming. They want me to let them know my thought process on everything. I'm waiting out this month to see where everything goes. I'm just trying to think everything through right now.''

Kroft holds offers from Northwestern, Rutgers, Connecticut, Vanderbilt, Boston College, West Virginia, Virginia and Syracuse, and more could be coming.

During the spring evaluation period, schools have been coming to Downingtown East regularly to check on him. Duke, Northwestern, Connecticut, Pittsburgh and West Virginia were already through, and Penn State is scheduled to visit Thursday.

"A lot of schools have been coming to visit. It's kind of crazy right now,'' Kroft said. "Some schools said they think that they're going to be offering, but they won't know until they all come back together in a month or two.''

And by the middle of June, Kroft believes he will be in position to make a decision of which campus to visit in the summer.

"That's going to be my main visiting period,'' he said. "The schools that I think I have a good chance of going to, I definitely want to go down and see. I want to evaluate everything. There's no timetable. I'm not trying to commit too early, or too late. Whenever it feels right to do it, I'm going to.''

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