Will DE Anthony Rabasa Still Visit Rutgers?

Christopher Columbus High (Miami) defensive end Anthony Rabasa has long said he liked Rutgers, stemming from a previous visit and his friendship with Scarlet Knights offensive lineman Antwan Lowery. However, with offers from hgh-profile schools like LSU, Miami, Florida State Nebraska and UCLA, will Rabasa still make a summer trip to New Jersey? Rabasa talks about it inside.

Christopher Columbus High of Miami defensive end Anthony Rabasa can pick almost any school in the nation, but there are five schools he knows he will visit during the summer.

One of them is Rutgers, a place he is familiar with since he previously visited the campus with close friend and Scarlet Knights offensive lineman Antwan Lowery, a former high school teammate.

"Rutgers is a place that I'm obviously going to go back to,'' Rabasa said earlier this week. "I was actually with Antwan a little while ago. He was at my school. I'm definitely going back to Rutgers, hopefully for a camp or something.''

Earlier this month Rutgers receivers coach P.J. Fleck visited Christopher Columbus High, and the two spoke on the phone recently.

"I talked to coach Fleck on Sunday night,'' Rabasa said. "We had a great conversation. He came down to see me May 5 or 6. He is going to come back to the school again.''

Aside from Rutgers, Rabasa said the must-see schools on his summer tour list are Florida State, Miami, LSU and UCLA. He could add more schools to his visit schedule.

"Miami, FSU and LSU are three great schools with awesome tradition, and I know a lot about those schools,'' Rabasa said. "Obviously, Miami is right around the corner from my house and FSU, I've already been up there a few times now. I want to go see LSU … they have a nice tradition and they're always a program up there contending for a national championship, so it's a positive for me.

"And UCLA, I was always wanted to go out to California. (Defensive line coach) Todd Howard is recruiting me.''

With nearly 20 offers, Rabasa has plenty of options. But he will examine each offer before deciding whether or not to keep the school on his list.

"I do have certain things I'm looking for in each school and each offer I get,'' Rabasa said. "When it comes down to making a decision on which schools I'm going to go see, I'm going to have to look through each thing that I wanted, and see if each school has what I need and want.''

And what is the most important thing on Rabasa's list?

"I want to feel that I'm at home,'' Rabasa said. "If I go visit there and I don't feel comfortable there the minute I step off the bus or out of the car, or whatever it is, if I don't feel comfortable, I don't want to be there the next four or five years of my life. That's going to be a big thing. I want to feel at home as soon as I get there.''

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