Looking at Webb, Watkins

An astute observer of NJ Sports sent me this note:

"I happened to catch the DePaul / Paterson Catholic game on Saturday afternoon. Here are a couple of thoughts on the two players from Paterson Catholic.

Marquis Webb--A really good looking player. Looks like a taller John Battle. Nice body, long arms about 6' 3"-6'4". Has a good shot, but was very strong on the defensive end. He looks like he will fit into the Waters system very nicely. During the game he played point and off guard. Has a nice short jumper and likes to drive to the basket. He will have a good 4 years at Rutgers.

Daryll Watkins--Big kid. Looks like a Juwan Howard type of player. Strong rebounder. Scores close to the basket. Not a Lamizana-type in that he didn't drive to the hoop, and is not real flashy. He would be a good complement to Herve.
He hit a 3-ball at the buzzer which was disallowed. It was his best stroke of the game.

As for the game, Depaul hit a shot with 1.5 seconds left. They celebrated, but had to clear the floor. PC apparently called a timeout as the shot hit. PC got the ball and inbounded to 3/4 court where Watkins got the ball turned and drained a 3. After a celebration, the floor was cleared and the ref waived off the shot for being late. I was in the stands next to the PC film crew. We looked at the replay. It was a pretty shot and it looked like it was good. No matter who won it was an excellent high school basketball game."

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