McKeesport (Pa.) High's Simmons Offered by RU

Rutgers continues to mine for talent in western Pennsylvania, and this week sent out two offers to players at McKeesport (Pa.) High. In this update, defensive/offensive lineman Delvon Simmons is the subject. After recruiting the athletic 6-foot-5, 265-pound Simmons, the next toughest thing regarding him may be where to play him. Check out the latest information on Simmons.

Jim Ward was named McKeesport (Pa.) High's coach in February, and since then he has been contemplating the best place to play 6-foot-5, 265-pound Delvon Simmons.

Rutgers, along with a half-dozen other schools, are just hoping they get a chance to decide down the road.

The Scarlet Knights offered Simmons and teammate Brendan Jackson, a linebacker/defensive end, Wednesday. Simmons is being recruited most to play defensive tackle or defensive end.

"I still have to do my research on (Rutgers), but I have to do research on a bunch of schools, but they're right there on my list,'' Simmons said. "I've heard about them, but I never really watched them play. That's what I plan on doing, but I haven't talked to any of the coaches yet. "I'm still in the process of deciding what schools I will go visit. I haven't done any of that yet."

West Virginia is the only school that said Simmons could play either offense or defense.

"They're willing to go far away from home,'' Ward said. "That's what I try to tell all the coaches, no matter where you're from, you've got a chance with these guys.''

Like Jackson, Simmons has offers from Rutgers, Illinois, Syracuse, Michigan, North Carolina, and West Virginia. But unlike Jackson, Maryland has also offered Simmons.

Ward said his strong relationship with Rutgers assistant coach Robb Smith gives the Scarlet Knights a true chance to land Simmons and Jackson.

Although neither players is well versed in Rutgers, Ward said that will change in the next two weeks when he sits down and talks with each of them about New Jersey's state university.

Simmons can play linebacker and defensive end, but his biggest value to McKeesport comes as a defensive tackle because he is so disruptive in the middle of the line of scrimmage.

He also plays offensive guard, can play tackle, and after watching some of the offseason workouts, Ward is contemplating another role for Ward.

"It's crossed my mind several times that we could use him as a tight end because of how athletic he is,'' Ward said. "He's unique in that he's a big kid, with long arms, who can run very well. Physically, wherever he ends up, they're going to get a kid that has no limitations because of his athleticism.

"There's no baby fat. He's a put together kid that has a frame that, I'll be honest, I eventually see him being 295 pounds but running like a linebacker. He's a kid that can run with every kid on our team. He runs well, has great change of direction, he can turn his hips and run.''

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