Is Woodbridge's Issaka Still High on Rutgers?

Before Woodbridge (N.J.) High star Max Issaka dominated a combine earlier this month, the defensive end was listing Rutgers as his favorite and his recruitment was low-key. Now, a bunch of schools are after him, and his recruitment has been thrown into flux. Issaka talks about what is transpiring, and more importantly, talks about where the Scarlet Knights stand. Check out what Issaka had to say.

Since Woodbridge (N.J.) High defensive end Max Issaka wowed everyone at the Nike combine at Penn State earlier this month, his recruitment has been crazy.

Offers from Michigan State, North Carolina State and Temple followed, as did a school visit by Penn State and markedly increased interest from Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, Connecticut and Boston College.

In fact, the 6-foot-3, 220-pound Issaka said the attention he's received has caused him to re-think his recruitment.

"Rutgers was at No. 1, but after the Penn State thing, I'm just blowing up,'' Issaka said. "What my parents want me to do is relax and not make top lists anymore and wait and see what happens with all the schools.''

Issaka, who was offered by Rutgers in the winter, said his coach at Woodbridge suggested waiting to make a commitment until he had time to digest everything that was transpiring, and also to wait and see how many other offers he receives.

Issaka termed his recruitment "all over the board,'' but his goal remains to make a decision by the end of the summer.

"Me and my coach and my family, and everybody that is helping me,'' Issaka said, "we have to go back to the board and make a top five and then bump it down to a top four, then a top three. If I have a top three, it doesn't matter which school is on top because they're all going to be equal.''

One thing Issaka wants to do is visit campuses and attend camps, but a busy schedule could keep that from happening. He was invited to a camp at Michigan on June 5, but is opting to remain home to take the SATs.

Also, he is taking his responsibility to his high school team seriously, and will run any camp and campus visits past his team.

"It depends on the coach,'' Issaka said. "I'm the captain, and he wants me there 24/7 during two-a-days, he wants me there after practice, before practice, and he wants me to work with this new group of guys that really doesn't have an experience. We have to work around that.

"I'm trying to get to some camps, but it depends on my coach. Senior year should not be about me. It's about my team, and my family, and I sacrifice for them. If that means not going to camps, I'll do that.''

So, now that recruiting has become hectic, where does Rutgers stand?

"It doesn't matter how many schools come to me,'' Issaka said. "At the end of the day, when I have my top three, Rutgers is still in the top three.''

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