Huggins on RU: "That's where I'm comfortable"

Five-star running back Savon Huggins of St. Peter's Prep (Jersey City, N.J.) is one of the top recruits in the nation, and has built a strong relationship with the Rutgers coaching staff. In his latest interview, Huggins discusses why Rutgers will be in his top 10, which he will announce in early July, and also about the rigors of the time-consuming recruiting process.

Savon Huggins' phone didn't stop ringing the last month, and every day assistant coaches paraded through St. Peter's Prep (Jersey City, N.J.) to check in on the five-star running back.

At times, it became too much. Between studies, track and field and the desire to be a "regular kid,'' Huggins acknowledged the recruiting process is overwhelming at times.

Such is life as's No. 6-rated running back in the nation, and as a player with 50 or so offers to consider.

Things should calm down in about a month, when the 5-foot-11, 198-pound Huggins announces a top 10. And about the only thing he is willing to divulge about his top 10 is Rutgers will be on it.

"They're my hometown,'' Huggins said. "I've known them for the longest time, I've developed a good relationship with all their coaches, that's where I'm comfortable at. So, for sure, they'll be in my top 10.''

Huggins took the time Thursday to speak with about the recruiting process, and how lately he pulled back from it to relax, focus on studies, and prepare for the final few track meets of the season.

"This past week and a half, I've been trying to distance everything and just focus on my finals,'' Huggins said. "I'm done with my finals (Friday). Coaches have been calling me every day, but it's been good. I'm done with school (Friday), so I'm happy to be going into my senior year. I'll try to get some rest next week before we start football practice the following week.''

By not trimming his list yet, Huggins knows it means markedly more contact from schools. He talked about whether, occasionally, the constant phone calls, Facebook messages, emails and visits to the school become too much to handle.

"It does sometimes, but I just try to keep myself away from it all sometimes,'' he said. "I let coaches know I need to study and I'm busy right now. "Sometimes it can get annoying. Sometimes you just want to be a regular kid. Sometimes a coach wants to talk to you, have a conversation, and it's like, ‘Can I just breathe?' But I'm doing fine.''

Huggins said he will be on the Rutgers campus June 6 for an unofficial visit. He plans to visit Notre Dame and Wisconsin this summer before making an August trip to Florida, and also is eyeing a west coast trip, although he wasn't sure which schools he would visit.

With a player of Huggins' ability and national profile, an early commitment could help shape a recruiting class. Although Huggins understands his potential role in that, he doesn't believe he should be pressured into committing before he is ready.

"At the end of the day, I'm in control of this,'' Huggins said in a polite manner. "This is probably the only time in my life where I can be selfish, and go to the school I want to go to. It's the next three or four years of my life, and I don't feel a coach should tell me I have to do this by a certain time. If that's what they feel, then I don't think that's the place for me.

"I want it to be on my time. It's my thing. I feel like I earned it. I go out and do what I've got to do on the football field and in the classroom, and I deserve to get the best for me. Whether it be the fans saying I should be here, or a coach saying I should be there …I'll listen to it, but it's my decision.''

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