22 in 22: Jawaun Wynn

As our series profiling the incoming members of the freshman class hits its final week, ScarletReport.com takes a look at receiver Jawaun Wynn in the 16th installment of our "22 in 22" series. The Piscataway (N.J.) High product talks about the advantages of living so close to campus, and whether he is looking at red-shirting or playing immediately. Find out what he had to say by stopping inside.

Some guys will pack bags, head to the airport, kiss family members goodbye and make the journey to Rutgers for the second summer session later this month. Others will pack cars and make a four- or five-hour drive to campus.

If incoming freshman receiver Jawaun Wynn wanted to, he could eat breakfast, jog to Rutgers and be there for brunch.

Still, the Piscataway High product, who will enroll June 27, is anxious to graduate June 17 and get his college career started.

"I'm going to be staying at the dorms,'' Wynn said. "I'm trying to get away, even though I'm right here in Jersey. I'm trying to get away for the first couple of months. There's a lot of excitement, but there's also a lot of work that's coming ahead, so I'm thinking about both. It's work, as far as school, managing that and sports at the same time. "It's going to be going to be hard because it's so different than high school. You have to go in and learn all the plays, all the reads, the formations. It's hard for a freshman to do that, but you have to remain focused.''

Wynn said his preparation for Rutgers began after football season, when he eschewed running track so he could lift weights and develop his body. At 6-foot-3, the 205-pound Wynn said he added 15 pounds through workout sessions.

"I've been doing some conditioning, lifting weights,'' Wynn said. "There's a lot of lifts I have to get comfortable to doing. In high school, I wasn't shown how to do it. The workouts are new to me. I got stronger and put on a little weight.''

Living a deep out-route away from the Rutgers football facilities afforded Wynn the opportunity to work out at the Hale Center and watch spring practice.

The latter allowed Wynn to see the offense from close range, and get to know receivers coach P.J. Fleck.

"I could tell that the coaches pushed the players to be the best they could be,'' Wynn said. "(Fleck) is a very enthusiastic guy. He's very dedicated to what he does.''

As a senior, Wynn caught 20 passes for 302 yards and two touchdowns. The numbers weren't gaudy, but he played a leadership role as the Chiefs experienced an uneven season.

"My initial goal is to go in there and compete for a starting spot,'' Wynn said. "If not, then I'm sure I'll red-shirt, but that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking to go in there and compete.''

Wynn is uncertain whether he will play the slot or wide receiver position, but has been preparing for both as he readies to enroll.

However, to earn playing time he will have to contend with established receivers Mohamed Sanu and Mark Harrison, up-and-comers Tim Wright and Quron Pratt and a host of others, including several talented classmates like Jeremy Deering, Jordan Thomas, Brandon Coleman and JT Tartacoff.

"It doesn't matter to me which I play,'' Wynn said. "I just want to get on the field, as long as I'm getting my catches.''

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