Four-star Miles Shuler Discusses His Top 10

Four-star athlete Miles Shuler of Long Branch (N.J.) High has offers from seemingly every corner of the nation, but as the recruiting is heating up, the list is being trimmed. On Thursday, Shuler trimmed his list to 10 schools, and was made aware of those fortunate 10 still alive. Check out what Shuler has to say about his recruitment, and when he will trim again.

Long Branch (N.J.) High four-star athlete Miles Shuler's recruitment has been astounding as he climbed from no offers to more than two dozen, but he is now ready to trim his list and focus on 10 schools.

The 5-foot-10, 175-pound Shuler is listing Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Florida, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Penn State, Northwestern, California, Stanford and Cincinnati.

"It was kind of tough knocking out some schools," Shuler said. "Now it comes down to the visits, talking to the coaches. I already know what type of programs these schools are, but I'm going to be looking deeper into it to find out more about the players, the coaches and all that stuff."

He said a variety of things went into compiling his top 10.

"It was a mixture of academics, coaches, what type of team they are and the players that are already there," Shuler said. "That's how I knocked it down, the pros of all of those put together." Shuler, who plays quarterback and cornerback at Long Branch High, is being recruited as a receiver and cornerback by most colleges.

Oklahoma and Florida are recruiting Shuler to play corner, and the rest of the schools want him to play receiver.

However, Shuler has not determined which position he wants to play in college.

"I'll play wherever on the field," he said. "I know once I get to the next level I'll focus on one position."

Shuler has already visited Rutgers multiple times, including attending camp Monday, and has been to Pittsburgh, Penn State.

Shuler is the state champ in the 100 meters, having run a time of 10.39 seconds, and finished third at the national meet last month in North Carolina, and was invited to a national combine in Oregon later this month.

After the combine, Shuler will visit family in Southern California, and during the trip plans to stop by Cal and Stanford.

Shuler also plans to visit the other schools on his list he has not yet been to, and added he may make a trip to Florida in late July.

"I don't have any set plans," Shuler said, "but I feel I'm going to go there eventually."

This also may not be his last list of the summer.

"I do plan on knocking it down to a final five sometime later in the summer," Shuler said.

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