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Questions and Answers


Once again it's time to answer some of those questions that have been sent to me. Here goes.


What's the scoop with the New York Post dumping on Rutgers basketball with the Alleyne stuff?


They weren't exactly dumping on Rutgers basketball with the Shagari Alleyne stuff; they were building up the home team, St. Johns. If you hadn't noticed, Mike Jarvis and his staff have been under the microscope this year because of recruiting losses and poor on the court performance. Without Marcus Hatten they are in deep trouble. They got lucky against Duke and started to build on it against Rutgers, all on Hatten's back.  They will go as far as Marcus can take them. Jarvis needs some outside firepower to replace Marcus. He has Showtime Hill stashed away for next year but who knows if he can play in the same backcourt with Ingram or Smith. Just a final word on the Post, they sometimes print stuff just to fill pages.


What do you think Herve's loss will do to next year's team?


First of all, I'd like to say that it's a shame to think of the atrocities going on over in the Ivory Coast between the government forces and rebels. I don't understand why the Red Cross or Amnesty International isn't doing more for the people. This also seems like a perfect situation for the United Nations to play a role in trying to bring the animosity between the two factions into a cooling off period.


 Now to answer the question, if Herve decides to go it will hurt. He is a unique talent both on the offense and defense. Herve can take over and control a game. Waters always speaks about foundation players, building blocks, that is what you have in this kid. With a seven-foot center that owns the lane playing alongside him next year and a year and a half of college under his belt, I would hope for a breakout season.  It's just that if he goes to the pros it's not going to happen for him next year. It will delay his development and impair his performance. Just look at some of the kids that went professional early and didn't make it. There have been dozens of underclassmen that left college early that would be on NBA rosters today had they of put in a year or two more time in college.


I think he stays if he can work out some family stuff.


In several interviews after the St  Johns game Coach Waters spoke about personnel changes, what did he mean?


I think that before next year Gary Waters will have the same talk with several players that he had with Kareem and Eugene last year.  Some will stay and some will transfers out. In the end there may be as many as 6 or 7 new faces on next year's team. I can't say how many will leave or stay because I don't know. I heard the same interview and read the same reports you did and that it what was said between the lines. The effort and athleticism of the team members must be upgraded.


Hill, Shields, and Wooten appear to be definite returnees while Lamizana, Axani and Wiggans all appear to be guys that will be asked back. Everyone knows the story with Herve, it appears Sean has to decide if he wants to get on with his life or give hoops one more shot. As far as Juel goes, it appears to be a matter of playing time and development.  The two early signees and one commit are a start. Waters will bring in as many new faces as he needs to in order to turn this thing around.

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