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Gathering of Former Players

I would like to invite all of the former Rutgers Football Scarlet Knights who played between 1986 to 2002 to join me in the Scarlet Lot of Rutgers Stadium at 5:30PM on April 25th, prior to the annual Spring Game. This will be a very informal gathering of former players to talk, share stories and catch-up. Please feel free to bring your own beverages of choice. Just so I know who will be coming, please e-mail me at Please spread the word. As we get closer to the date, I will provide more details.


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Women's Basketball

There wasn't much that Rutgers women's basketball head coach C. Vivian Stringer could say after Sunday night's controversial loss to Miami.
It's not that the anger wasn't there or that the controversial play that cost Rutgers the game wasn't worth talking about. But the more she put it through her head, the more it wasn't coming together.
Phantom timeout haunts RU

The Scarlet Knights practiced at 5:30 Monday morning. They'll practice at 5:30 this morning. And they're going to keep doing it - getting up before dawn cracks, and running long after C. Vivian Stringer screams the bleariness out of their eyes.
But don't think the Rutgers' women's basketball coach is trying to get back at her team.
"If anybody's punished," Stringer said, "it's us, the coaching staff."
Rutgers' coach waking up her team

Sprawled on her stomach and bearhugging the ball as green jerseyed players fell around her, Cappie Pondexter was just starting to look up when the whistle blew.
Referee Angie Lewis was signaling a timeout.
Then Pondexter's head snapped up. Suffering from a bad case of laryngitis, she shook her head no, croaking out, "I didn't call time!" Rutgers' senior Mauri Horton, who had just hit a three to tie the game, protested to Lewis, as Pondexter frantically waved her teammates back to her and away from the Rutgers' bench.
RU's hopes end in upset

The Rutgers players straggled into the gym before the sun rose and hit the court by 5:30 yesterday morning for three hours of practice.
They talked a lot. After Sunday's 77-74 loss to Miami in the quarterfinal round of the Big East Tournament, there was a lot to say. But none of it was about the controversial technical foul in the game's closing seconds.
Foul mood in the past

The talk at the Big East Women's Basketball Tournament continued to focus on "Timeout Gate," as Miami's 77-74 win over Rutgers in the quarterfinals is being called. Big East and Rutgers officials granted Gannett New Jersey permission to watch the controversial ending on tape, showing the final seconds in which referee Angie Lewis charged Cappie Pondexter with a timeout when Rutgers didn't have any remaining, resulting in an excessive timeout technical violation.
Fallout from "Timeout Gate" at Rutgers fails to reveal truth

Men's Basketball

The first sign of trouble came early. In the opening game of the season, against Columbia in the Preseason NIT, Rutgers jumped out to a 22-point first-half lead but never put away the Lions in the second half, outscoring what would prove to be one of the worst teams in Division I, 24-22, over the last 20 minutes.
The fact that the Scarlet Knights would go on to a 60-36 victory overshadowed the underwhelming second stanza, but Rutgers’ second-half struggles would haunt the team all season.
Scarlet Knights were doomed from the start:Coach promises changes after disappointing year

A team meeting conducted by Rutgers men's basketball coach Gary Waters on Monday shed little light on the future of the Scarlet Knights, who face significant personnel changes after a disappointing season. Waters said he will meet individually with players during the second week of April to discuss their futures.
The status of five underclassmen, including starters Herve Lamizana, Mike Sherrod and Sean Axani, seems to be in limbo.
According to a published report, a source close to the program has also indicated that reserve guard Juel Wiggan and reserve forward Jason McCoy will be "encouraged to leave" school.
Possible player defections, releases cloud Rutgers' future

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Interesting Article

Bob Knight told Texas Tech he wouldn't accept his $250,000 coaching salary this year because his team failed to live up to his expectations -- and so did he.
"He has standards," Texas Tech men's basketball spokesman Randy Farley said Monday. "He just didn't meet his standards, and so he said, 'I don't think I should be paid for that."'
After subpar season, Knight won't accept $250,000 salary

Scandals and firings are the prelude to March Madness this season, more than any hyped-up rivalry on the court in college basketball.
One day after St. Bonaventure's president was ousted, Georgia coach Jim Harrick was suspended with pay after an internal investigation showed three players took a phony class taught by his son.
Harrick was one of four coaches whose seasons ended Monday. The other three, however, were fired for a much simpler reason -- losing too many games:
Scandals, firings overshadow March Madness

Former Rutgers offensive coordinator - Dick Curl

The Jets hired Dick Curl yesterday to replace tight ends coach Phil Pettey, who was fired last week after a heated exchange with assistant head coach Jimmy Raye.
End of argument: Pettey replaced

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