RB Poteat Discusses Interesting 48 Hours

With rumblings about four-star running back Jameel Poteat ready to commit, different scenarios flew around. However, two days after saying he was close to a decision and could end his recruitment at any time, the Bishop McDevitt star said he is taking a little more time before making his decision.

Jameel Poteat wants you to know, he hasn't made a decision yet…and he doesn't know when that will happen.

Rumors, hearsay and more rumors sprung up this week linking the Harrisburg, PA running back with an impending decision. Recruits were reporting that Poteat was headed to Pitt, and perhaps taking Terrell Chestnut with him. Not so, says Poteat.

"I don't know where those rumors came from," Poteat told ScarletReport.com. "That never happened – that never was close to happening."

Poteat clarified statements made earlier this week, saying that while he could wake up one morning and be ready with a decision - he isn't at that point yet. He cautions that it could be anytime, but he just wants to wait for his "gut to tell" him what to do.

"Kind of like what Lebron (James) said that he just woke up and knew," Poteat said. "I want that for me, to just wake up and know."

While he lists several schools in the mix right now, including Iowa and Florida, Poteat said he has a top three in place.

"Cincinnati, Rutgers and Pitt," Poteat said. "They're all pretty much equal right now. No one is in the lead – there is no leader."

Addressing the issue of playing with Chestnut, whom he says he wants to be roommates with in college, Poteat is non-committal. He says that obviously there is a connection between the two and that they "talk about playing together all the time." But, they both realize that they may commit to different programs and are prepared to play apart.

"Obviously, we want to play together, we want to play our college ball together," Poteat said. "But we both realize this is a business."

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