Reve Waiting on Rutgers Offer

Miami Northwestern proved to be fruitful grounds for Rutgers when it landed Tim Brown a few years back. The Scarlet Knights are now looking at cornerback Jermaine Reve, a Central Florida commit who camped at Rutgers last month. Reve spoke with about his recruitment, and what he is hearing about a potential offer from the Scarlet Knights.

Miami Northwestern cornerback Jermaine Reve remains committed to Central Florida, but he continues to research other options and remains active and in play in recruiting.

The 6-foot, 180-pound Reve camped at Rutgers last month with the idea of earning an offer, and although one hasn't come through yet, he remains confident it will through his discussions with receivers coach P.J. Fleck, who is recruiting him.

"That's going to happen," Reve said. "I'm going to get the offer from Rutgers."

However, Reve acknowledged he is yet to receive a written offer, and was not sure when that would taken place.

"They haven't given any indication (when) yet because all the coaches are on vacation now," Reve said. "The coaches aren't in the office now, so I guess it should come at that time."

The feedback Reve received from his camp performance has been positive.

"Coach Fleck was telling me that coach (Greg) Schiano loved my performance, he loved my competitiveness," Reve said. "He thought I connected well with all the defensive coaches. That was my first time being with the defensive coaches. I think I impressed them a lot."

Reve enjoyed his time at Rutgers, but his stay was confined to the Busch campus because that is where the camps were held.

However, he is hoping to get an extended look at the campus during a possible official visit, but what he saw so far left him impressed.

"I just got to see the athletic facilities," Reve said. "The athletic facilities are real nice, especially the weight rooms. The weight room is very important, and I loved the Rutgers one. They have a track in the middle of the weight room. I was awed by the whole thing.

"It was real nice. One thing I really liked was there were a set of doors, and you go down through them and it takes you out to the field. It's real nice having that right there."

Reve said he recently received a written offer from Cincinnati to go with his offers from UCF, Florida International, Syracuse and South Florida. But now his concentration is on completing his offseason workouts in preparation for his senior season.

"I want to put on weight, but for my body it is hard to do," Reve said. "I figure at the next level, with eating the right foods and the workouts, I could do it. I'm strong, but it doesn't show it right now.

"I've always been a good lifter, but I've always been stronger in my legs. I'm starting to get going on my upper body with weight training. I've been working on it a lot."

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